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2019-2020 Staff

Sarah Baldwin


Major: Political Science and English – Literary Studies ’21 | Hometown: Collingswood, NJ | After a semester as Print Managing Editor, Sarah is thrilled to return to the Bucknellian as Editor-in-Chief! She is looking forward to spending another semester laughing with and getting to know the rest of the newspaper staff. She previously worked as a writer and then co-editor for the Opinions s...

Griffin Perrault

Print Managing Editor

Major: History and Economics ’22 | Hometown: Harwinton, CT | Hi! I’m Griffin.

Tim Carroll

Web Managing Editor

Major: Political Science and Economics ’22 | Hometown: Chatham, NJ | Tim joined the Bucknellian last fall, taking on many of the responsibilities of running the newspaper’s website. He is now the Web Managing Editor. He loves being involved at Bucknell and sees his role on the Bucknellian as a great opportunity to gain new skills and leadership experience, and to help make Bucknell a better and m...

Alex Boyer

Opinions Co-Editor

Major: Political Science and Economics ’22 | Hometown: Watsontown, PA | After a year and a half of writing for both the Satire and Opinions sections for the Bucknellian, Alex is excited to begin as Opinions Co-Editor with Jacob Feuerstein. Passionate about politics, he makes sure to constantly bug his friends about the importance of all current events and organizing for good causes. As Opin...

Jacob Feuerstein

Opinions Co-Editor

Major: Political Science and Economics ’22 | Hometown: Lewisburg, PA | Jacob joined the Bucknellian last year as an opinions writer, and he is now Opinions Co-Editor with Alex Boyer. He enjoys interacting with writers and the other editors, discussing hot-button issues of the day. Through the Opinions section, he hopes to foster a critical lens from which readers can interpret the world around th...

Grace Ingebretsen

Opinions Layout Editor

Major: English Literary Studies ’21 | Hometown: Denver, CO | Grace has been a dutiful and loyal member of the layout editing team for three semesters. Her layouts continue to be mediocre and time-consuming (labors of love nonetheless). 

Nicole Yeager

News Editor

Major: Literary Studies & Psychology ’22 | Hometown: Upper Saddle River, NJ | Nicole started off writing for the News and Special Features sections of the Bucknellian just last semester, and is excited to be back this semester as News Editor. Through this new position, she hopes to gain new editorial experience and establish a place within the Bucknell community, while providing notewor...

Sarah Haber

Assistant News Editor

Major: Comparative Humanities and French ’22 | Hometown: Mahwah, NJ | Sarah joined the Bucknellian last year as a News writer and is excited to return this semester as Assistant News Editor! She looks forward to gaining new editorial experience as well as helping to inform students and community members about the exciting events that take place both on and off campus. ...

Shelby Umbarger

News Layout Editor

Major: Accounting and Financial Management ’21 | Hometown: Forest Hill, MD | Shelby has been a member of the layout editing team for four semesters and loves her time in Stuck House during production nights. She is currently the News Layout Editor, and has previously been the Satire and Sports layout editors....

Amy Schlussler

Satire Co-Editor

Major: Psychology ’20 | Hometown: Bay Shore, NY | Amy is eager to continue her position as Satire Co-Editor! While she loves writing for the section, she enjoys, even more, reading the writer’s hilarious articles. She hopes that the section can bring its readers some laughs and looks forward to spending much of her final semester at Bucknell on the second floor of Stuck House!...

Bridget Beljan

Satire Co-Editor

Major: Spanish and Political Science ’20 | Hometown: Summit, NJ | Bridget is stoked to return to the Bucknellian and head to graduation with the cords, finishing off her time at Bucknell as Satire Co-Editor! She looks forward to putting her previous writing and editing experience to use when resuming her role… which, with the help of the rest of the team, should keep you rolling on the fl...

Elizabeth Lagerback

Satire Layout Editor

Major: Psychology & Creative Writing ’22 | Hometown: Chanhassen, MN | Liz joined the Bucknellian Spring 2019 writing for both the News and Satire sections! She is excited to learn from having a more prominent role within the Bucknellian as satire layout editor, and to get to know the rest of the staff!...

Leah Fogelsanger

Sports Co-Editor

Major: Political Science and Philosophy ’21 | Hometown: Bloomsburg, PA | Leah joined the Bucknellian during Fall 2018 as a writer for the sports section, focusing specifically on the Athlete of the Week feature. Leah is excited to take on a bigger role within the Bucknellian as she is now Sports Co-Editor with Justin Schaumberger. Being a member of the Varsity Field Hockey team, she is pas...

Justin Schaumberger

Sports Co-Editor

Major: Computer Science ’22 | Hometown: River Vale, NJ | Justin joined the Bucknellian as a sports writer in Fall 2019 and is now Sports Co-Editor with Leah Fogelsanger. He enjoys keeping up with all of Bucknell’s great sports teams and interacting with the great writers and editors for the Bucknellian....

Kate Bixby

Sports Layout Editor

Major: Mathematics ’22 | Hometown: New York City, NY | Kate joined the Bucknellian in the fall writing for the News section. She now works as a layout editor.

Sara Wilkerson

Special Features Co-Editor

Major: English – Film & Media Studies ’20 | Hometown: Chicago, IL | Sara joined the Bucknellian in Fall 2018 and is thrilled to be a co-editor of the Special Features section with Libby Darrell this spring! After studying abroad in Bath, England during the fall last semester, Sara’s goal for her last semester of college is to share her passions with the readers of the Bucknellian, ...

Libby Darrell

Special Features Co-Editor

Major: English – Creative Writing and Economics ’21 | Hometown: Towson, MD | Having not gone abroad this spring semester, Libby is excited to be back at the Bucknellian  working on the Special Features section. She is thrilled to see the returning and new staff members!

Sophie Springer

Special Features Layout Editor

Major: Managing for Sustainability ’20 | Hometown: Bethesda, MD | Sophie is both excited and simultaneously sad to be returning for her final semester as a special features layout editor. Sophie can’t wait for Wednesday nights and Thursday mornings at Stuck house, which are undoubtedly the highlights of her week. ...

Fallon Goldberg

Special Features Layout Editor

Major: Biology and Economics ’20 | Hometown: Scotch Plains, NJ | Fallon spent this past summer making white powder (in lame terms doing research and development) for a major pharmaceutical company. She is excited to end her senior year as Special Features Layout Editor of the Bucknellian, a role she has held since the first semester of her freshman year. ...

Jared Shapiro

Graphics Manager

Major: Markets, Innovation & Design ’20 | Hometown: Bethesda, MD | Jared joined the Bucknellian in the fall semester of his freshman year and has been involved ever since (aside from a short break for study abroad). Having served as Graphics Manager and Web Managing Editor during his time for the paper, he is returning for his final semester and excited to continue contributing graphics....

Alex Iannone

Graphics Manager

Major: Studio Arts ’22 | Hometown: Ridgewood, NJ | Alex is a sophomore with a passion for art. After starting as a layout editor, Alex is now in her second semester as a Graphics Manager for the Bucknellian. When she isn’t crushing it with the graphics, Alex is spending time with friends, painting, facetiming her mom, or napping. ...

Riley DeBaecke

Photography Co-Editor

Major: Managing for Sustainability and English – Literary Studies ’23 | Hometown: Hockessin, DE | Riley joined the Bucknellian as a photographer during her first semester at Bucknell, and she enjoys nature and wildlife photography and creative and nonfiction writing. She joined the women’s varsity rowing team as a novice this fall and photographed several sporting events for the Bucknell...

Yanjing Huang

Photography Co-Editor

Major: Business Analytics ’22 | Hometown: Boston, MA | Yanjing joined the Bucknellian as a photographer during her first semester at Bucknell. She is very interested in photography and video editing. For this semester, Yanjing is ready to take on new responsibilities as Photography Co-Editor, and to work closely with Riley to oversee and advise staff photographers....

Maddie Hamilton

Assistant Photography Editor

Major: Biology ’23 | Hometown: Boston, MA | Maddie joined the Bucknellian as a photographer in Fall 2019 during her first semester. Maddie has engaged in photography since her freshman year of high school, taking numerous classes and annoying her friends constantly by putting her camera in front of their faces. Maddie is extremely excited to continue her love of photography with Riley and Yanji...

Sarah McDougall

Chief Copy Editor

Major: Applied Mathematical Sciences ’21 | Hometown: Milford, PA | Sarah joined the Bucknellian as a copy editor in Fall 2017, and is thrilled to enter her second semester as Chief Copy Editor. Sarah is excited to spend more time with her amazing staff on Wednesday nights, making sure that the Bucknellian is error-free with the most accurate information and facts! ...

Emily Pursel

Assistant Chief Copy Editor

Major: Creative Writing and Literary Studies ‘20 | Hometown: Albany, GA | Emily has been at the Bucknellian since her sophomore year.  Her favorite activities include but are not limited to: changing straight quote marks to curvy ones, searching every student mentioned in an article on, and criticizing the Bucknell Bison website.  Probably the voice you hear coming from the...

Jimmy Pronchick

Copy Editor

Major: Undecided ’23 | Hometown: Tabernacle, NJ | Jimmy joined the Bucknellian as a copy editor his first semester as a freshman, and is excited to continue working and making friends within the Bucknellian family. 

Allison Rhyu

Copy Editor

Major: Economics ’20 | Hometown: Pennington, NJ | Being an avid reader of the Bucknellian during her college career, Allison is excited to finally make a contribution to the newspaper by spending her final semester copy editing at Stuck House. She’s especially excited to see the satire articles considering she’s always looking to make a meme out of something. ...

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