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Barbara Bell


English and Political Science ’18 Darien, CT   Barbara has been involved with The Bucknellian since her first semester at Bucknell, working her way through the newsroom in all of its pizza/caf cookies glory. Now in her third term on the executive board, she loves overseeing the written content of each section and coming up with appropriately punny headlines. This summer, Barba...

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Caroline Fassett

Print Managing Editor

English and Political Science ’18 Harding, NJ Although she began her journey with The Bucknellian as a writer for a section in the paper that no longer exists (RIP Campus Life), Caroline has had a very long and fruitful relationship with the publication. Indeed, any small vexation or frustration she has experienced as a staff member of The Bucknellian has probably stemmed directly from her...

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Lynn Korsun

Print Presentation Director

Psychology and German ’18 New Canaan, CT Lynn joined The Bucknellian in the fall of her sophomore year after being activity-shamed by her father for not being involved enough on campus. She began in the opinions section doing layout, but then got upgraded (‘upgraded’ is a relative term here) to news layout, where she spent long nights with the editorial board watching Youtube videos on ...

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Ellen O'Donnell

Web Presentation Director & Advertising Manager

Markets, Innovation & Design ’18 Morristown, NJ As a first-year struggling to get involved on campus, Ellen stumbled upon The Bucknellian while scrolling aimlessly through the Message Center. Since then, her love for the Adobe Creative Suite has only grown as she has worked her way through various layout and design positions. Ellen spent this past summer riding NJ Transit and working as an Art Direction...

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Jared Shapiro

Web Managing Editor & Graphics Manager

Management ’20 Jared joined The Bucknellian the first semester of his freshman year looking to further develop the graphic design skills he acquired in high school. He started out as a graphic artist for the newspaper and then served as graphics manager that spring semester. Jared is excited to continue his work as graphics manager and to help manage the website this semester. This past summer Ja...

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Annie Fennell

Business & Subscriptions Manager

Economics ’18 Annie is a newbie to The Bucknellian.  After hearing fabulous things about the newspaper and staff, she is excited to spend her senior year as part of the team.  In her free time you can find her dancing with the Bison Girls Dance Team and eating in The Commons.  She hopes to boost subscriptions and finally get in on The Bucknellian fun....

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Erin Ditmar

Photography Co-Editor

Chemical Engineering ’18 Erin joined as a photographer during her first year at the University and then took the role of photo editor for her sophomore and junior years. She enjoyed last semester working closely with her photography co-editor and looks forward to continuing that this semester. This summer, she did pharmaceutical research on campus and enjoyed floating down the Susquehanna River....

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Caroline Sullivan

Co-Photography Editor and Co-Social Media Manager

Psychology and Political Science ’19 Chappaqua, NY Caroline joined The Bucknellian fall semester freshman year as a sports photographer, where she thoroughly enjoyed the brief and only athletic interactions she had all year. She gained more responsibilities as co-photography editor and social media manager last year, and is enjoying her job Instagramming, Facebooking, and editing photos which just so happ...

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Lindsay Erickson

Social Media Manager

Political Science ’18 Riverside, CT Lindsay has been involved with The Bucknellian since her sophomore year. After spending her spring semester abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, Lindsay is happy to be back to Instagram all the Lewisburg sights. Lindsay spent her summer mostly indoors as a Marketing Intern at a local publication and a participant in the Tuck Bridge Business program. When Linds...

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Elizabeth Worthington

News Co-Editor

Psychology and English ’18 Elizabeth has been writing, editing, eating free caf food etc. for The Bucknellian since her sophomore year. After studying abroad in Rome last semester, she is very excited to get back to working on the paper. Elizabeth essentially spent the summer in transit, as she commuted to her internship with NJTV News from 2 hours away. Her side hustle was waitressing at the Jer...

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Madison Weaver

News Co-Editor

Creative Writing and Multimedia Communications ’19 New Brighton, PA Joining The Bucknellian her freshman as a News writer, Madison stepped up as assistant news editor in the spring. She is excited to return to all the wonderful stress and tight deadlines this semester as co-news editor but is a little more excited about Stuck House taco nights and chicken fingers. This past summer Madison...

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Kathryn Nicolai

Investigative News Editor

English ’20 Pleasantville, NY Kathryn began writing for The Bucknellian at the start of her freshman year. She quickly increased her involvement with the paper second semester as Investigative News Editor. She has enjoyed all the hours in Stuck House with the rest of the paper’s close knit staff and looks forward to more hours to come....

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Charles Beers

Satire Co-Editor

Computer Science and Creative Writing ’19 Charles joined The Bucknellian staff in his first semester at the University as a news writer looking to hone his writing abilities and highlight all of the unique experiences to be found on campus. In his sophomore year, he served as assistant news editor to Elizabeth Worthington in the fall and then news editor in the spring, bonding with his fellow m...

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Jon Meier

Satire Co-Editor

Creative Writing ’20 Jon joined The Bucknellian in the second semester of his freshmen year after his friend encouraged him to try it out. He started out as a writer for satire and quickly found a hidden passion for making fun of people. As co-editor of satire, he looks forward to making fun of even more people, places, and things. This summer, he worked as the communications and media int...

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John Romei

Satire Layout Editor

Management ’20 John joined The Bucknellian second semester of his freshman year because of a friend who was already on the staff. Starting as a special features layout editor, John created numerous layout designs for the section. Now working on satire layout, he plans to work closely with Jon Meier and the satire section to bring his experience to another type of article....

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Lauren Whelan

Sports Co-Editor

Markets, Innovation, and Design ’18 Essex Fells, NJ Lauren has been a member of The Bucknellian since the fall of her freshman year and is thrilled to return to the paper from a semester abroad in Cork, Ireland. Lauren has essentially used her position on the paper not only to hone her writing and editing skills but also to convince herself that she has maintained a degree of athleticism sin...

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Elise Covert

Sports Co-Editor

Applied Mathematics ‘20 Kennett Square, PA A basketball player for 10 years growing up, Elise came to the University looking for a way to stay involved with athletics, and joined The Bucknellian as a contributing writer for the sports section during her first semester. Returning to the newsroom for her second semester as sports co-editor, she is looking forward to the usual amusing banter o...

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Schuyler Platt

Sports Layout Editor

Economics ’18 Darien, CT Schuyler joined The Bucknellian in the fall of her sophomore year. Sophomore year, she bounced from position to position until she finally found her love for the sports section. Since second semester sophomore year, Schuyler has been the sports layout editor and cannot wait to start working with the Sports Editors, Lauren and Elise. Over the summer, Schuyler worked in mark...

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Sam Rosenblatt

Opinions Co-Editor

Undeclared ’20 Newton, MA   Sam began writing for The Bucknellian during this past spring semester. He joined the Opinions section, in part, so that he could share his opinions on current events in a more professional manner than posting long rants on social media. Sam is excited for the opportunity to have a greater role with the publication as one of the opinions editors this semeste...

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Maddie Boone

Opinions Co-Editor

International Relations ’18 Warren, NJ Maddie has been writing for The Bucknellian since the start of her junior year. Within a semester, she began layout for the news section as well. When she is not working for The Bucknellian, you can find Maddie organizing the fall concert or creating recipes with her new spiralizer in her gateway. This past summer, Maddie was busy commuting in and out of New...

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Olivia Braito

Opinions Layout Editor

Long Island, NY Economics ’19 Olivia Braito is a junior economics major from Long Island, New York whose interest in art has reverberated throughout many aspects of her life, from cartooning to doodles to graphic design. After learning from a friend about the design team for the newspaper, she is now putting those skills to the test by working for The Bucknellian as a layout editor....

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Natalie Spears

Special Features Co-Editor

Political Science ’18 Fairfield, CT Natalie joined The Bucknellian second semester of her sophomore year as the special features editor. She was abroad in Florence last semester but is back for her senior year as a co-editor again. This summer, Natalie interned for 60 Minutes at CBS News in New York City, where she helped producers with research on upcoming stories. She learned so much about ...

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Julie Spierer

Special Features Co-Editor

Psychology & Film/Media Studies ’19 Wyckoff, NJ A big fan of puzzles, Julie loves collaborations and putting small pieces together to create something beautiful. Essentially, Julie views The Bucknellian as a puzzle: a creation of collaborative efforts from a variety of different students with different stories to tell. This summer Julie thoroughly enjoyed interning with a film producti...

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Fallon Goldberg

Special Features Layout Editor

Scotch Plains, NJ Cell Biology/Chemistry ’20 Fallon joined The Bucknellian the first semester of her freshman year because she wanted a creative outlet to break up all of the math and science in her schedule. She has a great time doing layout and listening to the banter of the upperclassman editors every week. ...

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Janey Woo

Special Features Layout Editor

Education ’20 Janey just joined The Bucknellian this semester as a sophomore, who is getting a BA in Education, after hearing about it through a friend. She has always had an interest in the arts, though it was mostly forced upon by often being dragged to her graphic designer mother’s office as a child. Although she is new to the team, she is excited to contribute to the special features sect...

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