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2017-2018 Staff

Elizabeth Worthington


English and Psychology '18   Elizabeth has been writing, editing, and eating free caf food etc. for The Bucknellian since her sophomore year. She is ecstatic that she gets to spend her last semester as Editor-in-chief and promises not to go on a power trip. Elizabeth is an aspiring broadcast journalist and hopes to enter into the field after graduation....

Lynn Korsun

Print Presentation Director

Psychology and German '18   Lynn joined The Bucknellian her sophomore year after her dad guilt-tripped her for not being involved enough on campus. This is her third semester as Print Presentation Director and she loves the continuous (but loving) power over her layout minions as well as the unlimited amount of cheese balls at her disposal to throw at people. Post-graduation, Lynn will be ...

Ruby Gould

Print Managing Editor

Philosophy and Spanish '19   Joining The Bucknellian staff in the fall of her sophomore year as the section editor for Opinions, Ruby has since taken over the role of Print Managing Editor, or Liz’s personal assistant and confidante. She finds grammar mistakes distasteful with the exception of run-on sentences, which she actively uses regularly, despite their incompatibility with AP Style, a...

Jared Shapiro

Web Managing Editor & Graphics Manager

Management '20   Jared joined The Bucknellian the first semester of his freshman year looking to further develop the graphic design skills he acquired in high school. He started out as a graphic artist for the newspaper and then served as graphics manager that spring semester. Jared is excited to continue his work making graphics and managing the website this semester. ...

Ellen O'Donnell

Advertising Manager

Markets, Innovation, & Design '18   As a first-year struggling to get involved on campus, Ellen stumbled upon The Bucknellian while scrolling aimlessly through the Message Center. Since then, her love for the Adobe Creative Suite has only grown as she has worked her way through various layout and design positions. She knows a little too much about fonts and has a strange obsession...

Kathryn Nicolai

News Content Editor

English '20   Kathryn began writing for The Bucknellian at the start of her freshman year. She quickly increased her involvement with the paper second semester as Investigative News Editor. She has enjoyed all the hours in Stuck House with the rest of the paper’s close knit staff and looks forward to more hours to come. ...

Haley Mullen

Assistant News Content Editor

'19   Haley began writing for The Bucknellian her junior year after answering Elizabeth Worthington’s call for news writers. Joining the editorial staff later that year, Haley has appreciated the upgrade in responsibility as well as snacks. This past summer she worked at an art gallery in London where she not even once spotted Will and Kate. She looks forwarding to continuing to keep ...

Elise Covert

Sports Content Co-Editor

Applied Mathematics ’20   Returning for her third semester as sports co-editor for The Bucknellian, Elise is looking forward to the usual amusing banter of the editorial board and to convincing people to actually care about Bucknell athletics! In what little spare time she has, Elise enjoys watching basketball, whipping up a mean chocolate buttercream frosting, hiking, and being one of ...

Brittany Willwerth

Sports Content Co-Editor

Psychology ’21   Britt started writing for The Bucknellian her freshman year and recently took on the role of sports co-editor. As a member of the field hockey team, she is excited to bring an athlete’s perspective directly into the newsroom. Having a love for puns, she aspires to fit them in anywhere she can and inspire others every single week. ...

Sam Rosenblatt

Opinions Content Editor

Political Science and Spanish ’20   Sam started writing for The Bucknellian last spring and is currently serving his second semester as Opinions Content Editor. He loves writing and is excited for another semester of hilarious production night moments and free food. When not expressing his own opinions, Sam moonlights as a satire writer. ...

Olivia Braito

Sports & Opinions Layout Editor

Economics and Studio Art ’19   Olivia’s longstanding interest in art has reverberated throughout many aspects of her life, from cartooning, to doodles, to graphic design, which is now part of her major. After learning from a friend over a year ago about the design team for the newspaper, she is now putting those skills to the test by working for The Bucknellian for the third semest...

Jon Meier

Satire Content Editor

Creative Writing and Political Science ’20   Jon was born during the intersection of a shooting star and the taping of a Mitch Hedberg special. He joined the Bucknellian as a joke and somehow found his way to the top as its head joke writer. His future plans include being reincarnated as Anderson Cooper’s sole black hair....

Julie Spierer

Special Features Content Editor & Assistant Social Media Manager

Psychology & Film/Media Studies ’19   A big fan of puzzles, Julie loves collaborations and putting small pieces together to create something beautiful. Essentially, Julie views The Bucknellian as a puzzle: a creation of collaborative efforts from a variety of different students with different stories to tell....

Fallon Goldberg

Special Features Layout Editor

Biology and Economics ’20   Fallon joined The Bucknellian the first semester of her freshman year because she wanted a creative outlet to break up all of the math and science in her schedule. She has a great time doing layout and listening to the banter of the editors every week....

Janey Woo

Special Features Layout Editor

Education, Human Diversity Concentration ’20   Janey joined The Bucknellian last semester as a sophomore after hearing about it through a friend. She has always had an interest in the arts, though it was mostly forced upon by often being dragged to her graphic designer mother’s office as a child. She is excited to keep contributing to the newsroom shenanigans and to the special features se...

Erin Ditmar

Photography Co-Editor

Chemical Engineering ’18   Erin started as a Bucknellian photographer during her first semester at Bucknell and became the photo editor the following year. After 3.5 years of sports game sidelines and speaker backstages, she is looking forward to her last semester of photography perks and working with the rest of the Bucknellian staff.

Justin Koss

Photography Co-Editor

Biology/Pre-Med ’19   Justin joined the Bucknellian the second semester of his freshman year mainly as a sports photographer. He will assume the role of photography co-editor for the first time after returning from a semester across the pond where he spent most of his time behind his camera or in a pub. After spending the last three semesters squinting through his camera lens, Justin is loo...

Lindsay Erickson

Social Media Manager

Political Science ’18   Lindsay has been involved with The Bucknellian since her sophomore year. Ever since then, Lindsay has stayed on board to Instagram all the Lewisburg sights and keep the ’nellian fans engaged online. After graduation, you can catch Lindsay on Metro North commuting to NYC and trying to figure out what this whole adulthood thing is like. ...

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