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Lynn Korsun
Psychology and German ’18 New Canaan, CT Lynn joined The Bucknellian in the fall of her sophomore year after being activity-shamed by her father for not being involved enough on campus. She began in the opinions section doing layout, but then got upgraded (‘upgraded’ is a relative term here) to news layout, where she spent long nights with the editorial board watching Youtube videos on mini tacos and trying to unglue her eyes from the computer screen. When everyone went abroad in the spring of her junior year, Lynn jumped at the opportunity to become a “big dog” and tackled the role of print presentation director. She liked having minions to order around, and decided to continue with this position this semester. Lynn spent this past summer working long hours and, on her days off, napping twice a day in between trying to develop a tan and making her dogs love her half as much as she loves them. In her spare time, you can find Lynn teaching German 101, doing yoga in her living room while her roommates do homework, trying to find matching socks to no avail, or watching Grey’s Anatomy upside down on her couch.

Lynn Korsun, Print Presentation Director

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