Behind the Scenes: Seventh Street Studio & MakerSpace Events

Nicole Yeager, Assistant News Editor

This semester, the Seventh Street Studio & Makerspace has introduced their Pop Up Programming series, in which they host various events per week for University students to get together and often take home their creations. Past events have included string art, DIY mini calendars, alcohol ink coasters, mini canvas painting, bullet journaling, firefly mason jars, and watercolor painting. Events are open to all students and run from 7-11 p.m., leaving a wide time window to best accommodate students’ schedules. Additionally, these events take place at tables set up outside of the MakerSpace, at the corner of Seventh St. and Walker St., so the activities adhere to COVID-19 guidelines and allow students to spend time outside while crafting.

On Friday, Sept. 18, the featured event was “Wooden Dorm Decor,” where students could paint wooden signs and decor pieces for their dorm rooms. Upon scanning in with their BU ID, attendees could choose from four wooden designs — a mug cutout that read “hello fall,” a pumpkin cutout that read “hello autumn,” a “Bucknell” cutout in drippy letters, and a “Saturdays are for The Bison” sign — and were given individual paint-strips and paintbrushes.

Miranda Segrave ’23, a student who works at the Seventh Street Studio & MakerSpace, talked about her experience running the Wooden Dorm Decor Event and working at the studio. 

What is it like to work at the MakerSpace? 

To me, working at the MakerSpace means having a common place to express my creative freedom and help others express theirs, whether that is through using the 3D printers, painting something, or whatever else it may be. In my current role as Promotions Manager, I am in charge of planning the Pop Up Programming and, in general, I am a resource for students if they have questions or need help whenever I am in the studio. 


How did you find this job and why did you decide to take it? 

The summer before my freshman year I was browsing on the Bridge and saw the “Maker Assistant” position open. The job description seemed like a great opportunity to learn new skills and gain some experience working on campus. 

Who comes up with event ideas and what is the process behind planning them?

Sabrina Shankar, the assistant director of Campus Activities and Programs, who mostly works with the MakerSpace, plans most of the events in the space. The thought process behind them usually has to do with the season, who will be interested, current trends and mainly whatever will attract students to the space. 


How has COVID-19 impacted the MakerSpace?

Pop Up Programming is new this year because of COVID-19. We wanted to continue to attract students to the space even though our capacity inside is limited. Most of our programming thus far has been outside and we have “to-go” baggies with the event materials in case students want to complete the activity in their dorm room (or wherever they please). 


What was the purpose behind the Wooden Dorm Decor Event? How did it turn out?

The wooden dorm decor event went great. There was a great turnout and supplies ran out before our expected time of closing, which was 11 p.m. The purpose behind most of the events is to give students the opportunity to do something fun and interactive, with COVID-19 restricting much of the social scene on campus. The goal is to keep everyone safe while having fun!


What has been your favorite event? What has been a popular event?

My favorite event is the charcuterie board-making event. I love using resin just because of the design it makes and it’s a super easy activity to follow along with. A popular event each year is DIY Night where we have multiple stations with canvas painting, t-shirt making, screenprinting, and many other activities.


Among the 150 students who attended, Maya Wadhwa ’23 shared her thoughts: “My friends and I love the Makerspace events as they not only give us something to do on campus but also a way to meet new people and run into old friends. I found out about this event through their Instagram, which I religiously follow. I absolutely adore the Makerspace and appreciate all that they are doing to adapt to COVID-times,” Wadhwa said.

Upcoming events at the Seventh Street Studio & MakerSpace include mini air plant terrariums, Harry Potter wand making, DIY milkshakes, wax sealed letters, screen printing t-shirts and vinyl press beanies and another charcuterie board making. To stay updated, follow Seventh Street Studio & Makerspace on Instagram @7thstreetstudio_makerspace.

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