The sound of music, the moves of dance


Libby Darrell, Special Features Editor

With more than 60 majors and 70 minors, the University offers highly-ranked programs in the science and engineering departments, as well as cumulative majors and minors in the humanities and arts. This integration of disciplines — a staple of the University’s liberal arts education — is undoubtedly beneficial, as many of us University students are aware of. One department in the College of Arts and Sciences with available major and minor opportunities is theatre and dance.


Theatre and Dance Program 

The theatre & dance program offers opportunities just as intensive and cumulative for students as any programs in the College of Engineering or the Freeman College of Management. According to the University’s website, students at the University are able to participate in five yearly mainstage productions in theatre and dance, student-run shows and several student showcases. This mixture of products, showcases and shows offers students interested in the program the ability to pursue their creative passions — enabling them to help design production costumes, aid in lighting designs and sound tests, complete show makeup and choreograph dances.

In particular, the theatre & dance program at the University covers a range of theatrical areas, including dramatic literature, history, engineering and technology and performance and design, according to the program’s webpage. Students majoring in theatre & dance are encouraged to sign up for other electives related to their art form as well. And for those who would not like to major in theatre and dance or who do not have the time to do so, students have the chance to minor in the subject. 

In addition to offering a combined major or minor in theatre & dance, the University offers a minor solely in dance. The University’s website states that the dance minor encompasses overviews of ballet, modern, jazz, social dance, Chinese watersleeve, musical theatre and advanced training. Additionally, the minor teaches students about history, production and design formats, dance composition and performance studies. In order to ensure this wide array of topics is interesting and engaging, some course instructors will invite guest artists to aid in their particular lessons. On campus, the University has several spaces dedicated to the study and practice of theatre and dance; these locations include the Harvey M. Powers Theatre in Coleman Hall, Tustin Studio theatre, a dance studio and a costume studio. These studios and theatres are utilized year-round, but especially leading up to the Fall Dance Showcase, the spring Choreographer’s Showcase and the fall and spring dance mainstage season concerts — all of which are usually sold-out shows, with an audience full of supportive University students and Lewisburg community members.


Outdoor Dance Festival

As evident with other events and programs on campus this semester, everyone has had to make adjustments and sacrifices in order to prioritize the safety of the University’s own community and surrounding community. One such adjustment is a dance festival that will take place outside, in the lovely enjoyment of fresh air. The theatre and dance department is presenting its first Outdoor Fall Dance Festival on Saturday, Oct. 3 with a rain date of Sunday, Oct. 4. University students and faculty are encouraged to support all the hard work of their peers in the department of theatre and dance, and to come watch these various performances taking place all across campus beginning at noon. Performances will be scattered across the farm, Rooke Chapel, Weis Center, Kenneth Langone Athletics & Recreation Center (KLARC) lawn, the grove, the Malesardi Quad and elsewhere. Some performances will even feature the University’s Symphonic Band. In terms of safety, audience members will be required to be masked and socially-distanced. And those who do not feel comfortable attending the event may inquire about a Zoom link for the event and DVD copies, which will come later.

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