Breaking the Bubble

Sarah Haber and Nicole Yeager


On Tuesday, Sept. 29, U.S. President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden engaged in the first presidential debate of the 2020 election. The debate was held in Sheila and Eric Samson Pavilion in Cleveland, Ohio. The debate was aired over most news outlets, including ABC, CBS and FOX, as well as Hulu and YouTube. The debate was moderated by Chris Wallace, a “Fox News Sunday” anchor and veteran of presidential debates. The two candidates discussed topics from COVID-19, current racial issues and the Black Lives Matter movement, to climate change and the depressed economy. 

Seven months after the shooting of Breonna Taylor, the Louisville police officer who shot and killed the Louisville woman is now crowdfunding money to support his retirement. Detective Myles Cosgrove, one of the three officers who fired shots into Taylor’s apartment back in March, is seeking funds through “GiveSendGo,” a fundraising website similar to GoFundMe and Kickstarter.


The wetlands in Brazil have been burning at an alarming rate due to an extremely dry season. When surveying the fire damage, environmental groups in Brazil’s Pantanal wetlands have reported that most vegetation has been destroyed and there are no animals to be found. With nearly 17,000 wildfires so far this year, the landscape and wildlife of Brazil’s Pantanal wetlands are threatened as the government has taken limited measures to control and stop the wildfires.

Armenian and Azerbaijani forces have been fighting over a disputed region of the Caucasus, known as Nagorno-Karabakh, for days with no signs of stopping. This decades-old land battle has been brought back to the surface after an apparent end to hostilities beginning in the 1990s. 84 Armenian servicemen have died, in addition to 14 civilians. On the Azerbaijani side, 46 people have been wounded. 

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