A message from the Bucknell Institute for Public Policy

As incoming co-directors of the Bucknell Institute for Public Policy (BIPP), we would like to extend a welcome to all University students. We are both very excited to be co-directors of BIPP and want to let you know a little bit about what BIPP does and what we have planned in the near future. BIPP supports social science research and provides a space for policy discussion, student-faculty research and an academic home for students who wish to study public policy. We have an exciting series of programming including policy-related panels on topics ranging from the U.S. election to immigration to global warming.  

Beyond our policy programming, we have also initiated a series of career conversations focusing on developing an understanding of policy-related work in the private sector including what this work involves and how one can pursue this career path.  Recently, we had our first event with Jillian Irvin, a public policy analyst at Amazon, and will have future talks from professionals working in technology, lobbying and real estate development.  In addition, we are initiating a series of podcasts on a variety of policy-related matters, so stay tuned for these.  

An important part of our work is our nationally representative survey in which we sample attitudes of Americans on a variety of issues.  Normally, the survey is done twice a year and students and faculty are welcome to submit questions.  The survey is an excellent way to conduct or supplement research for both students and faculty.  

Are you interested in learning about how you can contribute to the public arena as a global citizen once you leave the University, regardless of your major or future plans? If so, we encourage you to consider the Public Policy minor which will expose you to policy in many areas, including the economy, domestic and international politics, education, health, the environment, civil society and more.

In closing, we would like to note that BIPP is committed to pursuing open-minded inquiry on public policy and we welcome all points of view.

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