Dining is back (sort of)!

Ally Lima, Contributing Writer

As the spring semester comes into full swing, it is clear that the University administration has worked hard to implement a dining system that looks much different than the fall. While maintaining COVID-19 guidelines and safety precautions, the students are now presented with food options that look more similar to a “normal” year.

The first-year meal plan, for instance, has been upgraded to include unlimited swipes as well as two guest passes and 200 dining dollars. For upperclassmen, the 700 dining dollar option has been reinstated, as well as the option for an augmented meal plan including 300 Plus dollars. As for locations and food options, there are many to choose from:

Seventh Street Cafe
The Seventh Street Cafe continues to offer a great selection of hot and iced coffee as well as grab-and-go items such as yogurt, pastries and other snacks.

Bertrand Library Cafe
The Bertrand Library Cafe remains open and serves their specialty Starbuck blend coffee along with bottled water, juice and Tazo teas. Similar to Seventh Street Cafe, the library serves grab-and-go snacks for students to get a quick bite amidst their studying. The sushi is a fan favorite!

Bison Cafe
Arguably the most exciting dining change from the fall semester is the return of a normal-looking Bison Cafe (with limited capacity), which includes a wide variety of food stations to choose from. The stations include the Grill, which offers items such as hamburgers, grilled cheeses and specialty sandwiches, the Deli, which has made-to-order sandwiches and wraps, Fresh Mexican, with customizable quesadillas, burritos and burrito bowls, Bada Basil for made-to-order pasta, and Bison Fresh, where students can order stir fry, grain bowls and smoothies.

Bostwick Marketplace
Most popular for first-year students who can swipe into this location, the Bostwick Marketplace has also returned to a level of normalcy. Bostwick is open this semester with its usual all-you-can eat style, including stations such as the egg bar, the entrée station, the grill with items such as hamburgers, grilled cheese, and specialty sandwiches, the deli with made-to-order sandwiches and wraps, Honest Eats with entrées for guests with dietary restrictions (these include gluten free and allergy-friendly options), pasta, pizza, salad and soup bar, sauté and V2 for vegan options including grain bowls.

The Commons Cafe
This semester, the Commons Cafe has implemented a new and exciting way to order food quickly and with limited interaction. Through the new GET App, students are able to order for pickup from Hello Bistro Express, which offers customizable salads, and Firehouse Grill, which offers burgers and chicken sandwiches. The app is easy to use and even allows for students to schedule a pickup time for their food and pay through their BU ID that is connected to the app.

During such a dispiriting time, the return to “normal” looking dining options for the semester is one way for students to feel more at ease in their return to campus. By continuing to follow the COVID-19 restrictions and maintaining social distancing in these dining locations, we can continue to see an efficient and successful semester in the food department.

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