Summer internship opens new doors

By Cameron Simcik

Contributing Writer

I was convinced I’d spend this past summer in New York City, working at the internship position I had so desperately wanted.  I had slaved over the application for three months, made extra connections within the company where possible and had a great interview with one of the executives.  After months of hard work, I felt I could finally relax and look forward to the glamorous summer I was about to have. That is, until I didn’t get the internship.

I was crushed, to say the least. But I needed to do something for the next three months, so I frantically applied to as many internships as I could in all different fields, positions and locations.  Something was bound to happen, or so I’d nervously hoped.  One of the companies was 94.5 WPST radio of Central New Jersey and Philadelphia–the Top 40 station I’d always listened to growing up. I applied for a position after a friend encouraged me to pursue a field I’d always wanted to explore.  So I did on a whim, and three weeks later, I found myself driving to Philadelphia to embark on my new job in radio.

My first day of work consisted of watching Colbie Caillet’s sound check and shaking hands with the lead singer of Lifehouse at the station’s biggest concert event of the year.  I was in heaven, to say the least.  I spent a majority of the following weeks working promotional events for the station in conjunction with local charities, businesses and concerts.

Interning with the station’s “Chris & the Crew” morning show was undoubtedly the highlight of my time spent at WPST.  I actually looked forward to waking up at 4:30 am for work!  Although I was initially out of my comfort zone, the morning DJs quickly integrated me into their studio routine of devising show material, taking callers, working the board and talking on-air. Although the internship was a bit of a whirlwind, I loved every single moment, and I would repeat the experience in a heartbeat.  I not only learned how to function on four hours of sleep, but I also realized that I really, truly love radio.  Everything about it makes me excited and eager to learn as much as I can, and for the first time, I can confidently say I have found what I want to pursue after graduation.  I have never before so clearly pictured myself on a career path, and as a senior, that’s an enormous relief.

At the risk of sounding too preachy, I’ll leave it at this: do yourself a favor and go for it.  Keep an open mind, and fearlessly pursue your passions.  Take a class that’s completely out of your comfort zone and apply for that impossibly competitive job. You never know where your plans will change, but that’s what keeps things interesting.

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