Bison softball seizes another opportunity to be resilient

Clay Myers, Contributing Writer

It’s been over a year since Bison softball has stepped onto the field together, but that hasn’t stopped the team’s excitement and anticipation for the upcoming 2021 spring season. Coronavirus abruptly ended softball’s 2020 season in Washington, DC after a hard fought game against George Washington University. Since then, Bison softball has been preparing by any means necessary for their next opportunity to compete.

Pitchers Raeanne Geffert ’20 and Lauren Lichtenwalner ’20 graduated in 2020, leaving a sizable hole to fill in the pitching department. Lucky for the Bison, left-handed pitcher Kelly Toomey ’23 transferred from DePaul University after the termination of DePaul’s softball team and is looking to add some competitive diversity in the pitching rotation. A left-hander with an exceptional rise will certainly make it hard for any opponent to find their way on base. The Bison also experienced loss in the outfield when centerfield star Allyse Volpe ’22 transferred to UCF, but they hope to stay solid with multiple senior outfielders ready to step up.

As if a cancelled season, graduating pitchers, and an outfielder transferring was not enough, the Bison also went through a complete coaching change. Penn State’s former pitching coach Sarah Caffrey is now at the helm as the Bison head coach. Bryce Neal has also been added as an assistant coach previously coaching at the University of Arizona. Bison Softball is no stranger to coaching changes as this is their third coaching change in four years and seems to be resilient in times of adversity.

No adversity this team has seen in the past year has been able to stop them from keeping their spirits high. “We’re super excited just to be able to play. Even though we’re limited on who we can play and where we can travel, our coaches did a good job putting a competitive schedule together,”  third baseman Jazmyn Stokes ’21 said. “The Bison are most certainly looking forward to their season opener at home scheduled for Mar. 6 against Drexel University.

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