Live Activities Fair encourages student engagement

Ellie Lowe, Staff Writer

After being postponed twice, the University hosted the Activities Unlimited Fair on Saturday, March 6. The fair allowed students to see what clubs and organizations are on campus and talk with some of the leaders and organizers of those clubs.

The fair was an in-person event that was held outside on the Science Quad to allow for the stations to be spread out and maintain social distance. It was organized into three time slots – the first hour was dedicated first-years and transfer students, the second hour was for sophomores, and the third hour was for juniors and seniors. 

This Activities Unlimited Fair had over 75 organizations participate, which surpassed the 40 organizations represented at the last winter activities fair. Although the fair usually only happens once in the beginning of the semester, this fair was a follow-up to the virtual activities fair that was hosted on Sunday, Feb. 7 as the University faced a spike in COVID-19 cases. Due to COVID-19 many students, especially first-years and transfer students, have not had a chance to get involved with the clubs and organizations offered at the University. Although it was a colder day, student turnout was relatively high. Students, like Caroline Crawford ’24, are trying to take more advantage of clubs and organizations this academic year as many feel that it is more difficult to get involved on campus. 

“We came to get more involved and learn about activities on campus,” Crawford said.

Many tables gave away candy or had activities for the students to do to get them interested in the club. The cycling team had a bike set up for students to practice biking in place, while the CAP Center Core gave out T-Shirts, bags and more. The Seventh Street Makerspace & Studio provided a station set up for students to make sand art and plant succulents. 

One new organization that was at the fair was Dance Marathon. Dance Marathon is an organization that aims to help change the lives of children in the local area with a year long fundraising campaign. Dance Marathon specifically supports the Janet Weis Children’s Hospital.  

“We got to speak with so many passionate students at the activities fair, so we are very excited to welcome these students and anyone else interested in our organization,” Dance Marathon member April Hurlock ’23 said.

For students who were unable to make it to the Activities Fair, the Involvement Network lists all the organizations on campus in one convenient location. 


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