Orange and Blue really going green?

By Leah Rogers

Contributing Writer

In today’s fastpaced world, people are increasingly taking the time to be environmentally friendly. Whether it is through reusing grocery bags, driving a hybrid car or eating organic food, many are trying to do their part. The University is also hopping on the green bandwagon, but there are plenty of other things we could be doing.

One of the biggest environmental problems for schools is paper waste. Printing out multiple-page handouts for each student uses a lot of paper, which is why almost every class offers materials online. Still, students must play their part: don’t print readings or papers unless it is completely necessary. Paper towel use is also a concern. According to Environmental Resource Management, using paper towels has doubled the global warming impact compared to electric hand dryers. Switching to electric dryers would solve some of the University’s paper waste problems.

Campus shuttles could also do more to conserve fossil fuels. The shuttle provides transport to downtown Lewisburg and WalMart. These shuttles often sit idly with no students on board, yet continue to run their engines. Leaving engines off until students are onboard could save a bit of gas.

The University does do a great job of recycling. Without the recycling areas in each residence hall, the amount of water bottles and aluminum cans wasted each week would take its toll on the environment.

Students can still improve some of their living habits to be more environmentally friendly. Many students leave the room with their lights and laptops still on and their cell phone chargers plugged in with nothing to charge. What they don’t realize is how much energy this wastes. It just takes a few seconds to flip a switch off, put a computer into sleep mode and unplug a charger. Students who do this save a lot of electricity and make campus a bit greener.

Although there are a few small things that could be improved, the University is generally doing a good job of being environmentally conscious. Campus is orange, blue and most importantly, green.

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