Bison fall to the Bonnies in a nail biting home opener

Roger Mellado, Contributing Writer

The Bison women’s lacrosse team opened up their spring season on Graham Field with a nail biter of a match against the St. Bonaventure Bonnies this past Saturday. After 360 days away from competition, the Bison started out hot, claiming a 4-1 lead after the Bonnies struck first blood. 

Shortly after, the Bonnies went on a run of their own going on a four-goal scoring streak, which brought the score to 5-4 going into halftime. 

The second half continued the theme. The Bison and the Bonnies battled back and forth, with lead switching another three times before the end of regulation. In the end, it was a pair of goal scored by the Orange and Blue’s Katie Wendell ’22 and Laurel McHale ’22 brought the score to 9-9 with under five minutes on the clock. 

The score made yet another change when St. Bonaventure added a goal and brought the score to 10-9. But, Emma Cashwell ’22, assisted by senior captain Julia Bradbury, brought the Bison back into the game with a literal last minute goal as the clock began to wind down. 

The Bison went into the overtime, juiced up after their buzzer beater goal that had been scored by Cashwell. The Bison’s excitement was short lived, with the Bonnies cashing in on a goal within the first two minutes of extra time. 

St. Bonaventure was able to capitalize on two yellow cards that went against the Bison, one being in regulation and the other coming in the first minute of competition in overtime. This pair of penalties made it so St. Bonaventure had a 1-on-1 opportunity with the Bison’s senior goalie Lauren Kinnee, who was unable to stop her from scoring the game ending goal. 

An unfortunate ending to a thriller of a home opener, but it was clear that the Bison had every opportunity to win this game if not for a few minor errors on their own part. Needless to say, it should be an exciting season for the Bison women’s lacrosse team, and we look forward to following their continued success, and welcome their return to Graham Field. 

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