Is Andrew Cuomo cancelled?

Peyton Dripps, Contributing Writer

It’s about time that New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s position is threatened. Just months after receiving backlash and condemnation from his burdensome COVID-19 restrictions that made thousands of people jobless and fall into poverty, the governor is facing new allegations that will hopefully end his career. Cuomo, being one to quickly retaliate against those who oppose his beliefs and agenda, has created a horrible reputation for himself over the years. Not only has his brutal manner formed his horrible reputation, but recent allegations have made many aware of how terrible Cuomo really is. 

The three-term governor has refused to resign after facing two crises simultaneously within the past year. Since the early months of 2020, the Cuomo administration has been under fire due to their undercounting of nursing-home deaths caused by the virus. It was found that, “many have attributed a significant chunk of New York’s coronavirus deaths to the state’s policy from early in the pandemic of discharging contagious patients into group homes filled with highly vulnerable people,” says reporter Tyler Olsen. Cuomo and his administration made the detrimental decision to require nursing homes in New York to accept patients who were infected with COVID-19. In addition, Cuomo went on to hide the data on the number of deaths in nursing homes in order to significantly downplay the toll of nursing home residents infected with the virus. Dealing with the early stages of a global pandemic calls for tough decisions, but Cuomo’s deceit to the public and cover up of important information is not acceptable behavior and is a very bad representation of true leadership.

 Calls from across the country for Cuomo’s resignation have been made after the allegations of sexual assault and his impact on the nursing home scandal that resulted in thousands of deaths. With this being said, Cuomo’s fall from grace was inevitable as “either Democrats and the left find sexual harassment a greater sin than the slaughter of senior citizens, or they waited until those allegations arose to oust Cuomo, using them to save institutional face for nursing home deaths,” writer for The National Interest, Pedro Gonzalez, shares. As of March 9 five women have come forward and accused Cuomo of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior. With all eyes on the New York governor, Cuomo shared that there is “no way” he will voluntarily resign from his position and that he did not assault any women. A former communications consultant who worked with Cuomo shared that “his primary tool for governing is to create fear.” Additionally, many who have worked with or for Cuomo have come forward sharing that the governor has threatened to end their career for small slip ups and constantly referred to his top female colleagues as “the mean girls.” While continuing to deny the accusations women have made, Cuomo did apologize for his rash comments towards women, but an apology is not enough. In a survey of 805 registered New York voters, 32 percent shared that they are unhappy with the ways in which Cuomo has addressed the allegations while 57 percent are satisfied. Furthermore, “fifty percent said he should not resign, while 35 percent said he should. Nearly half said they believed he could continue to do his job effectively as governor, with 34 percent saying he could not,” The New York Times writer Luis Ferré-Sadurní shared. The survey’s findings demonstrate that Cuomo may be on the safe side. It is concerning that people still want Cuomo in power considering he is a liar, a traitor to New York citizens, and has been accused of sexual assault on multiple accounts. 

The report that is to come months from now will hopefully completely demolish Cuomo’s reputation and career as governor. A man who is accused of sexual assault by at least five women should not hold any power in our country and does not demonstrate appropriate leadership. It is upsetting that people are still rooting for Cuomo after all of the destruction he has caused over the past year. He does not fit the mold of what many think a “good leader” should be. As of now, Cuomo may finally be cancelled.

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