Field hockey upsets top-seeded American in a last second thriller

Roger Mellado, Staff Writer

The Bison field hockey team acquired their first win this past weekend in an electric afternoon contest on Graham Field. The Bison tackled the reigning Patriot League champions, American University, 2-1 in double overtime. A strong defensive effort and their relentless effort handed the Bison a well-deserved win.

The Bison managed to hold off the offense of the American Eagles for almost 40 minutes of play. Unlike their prior meeting, the Bison were the ones who struck first blood. During the third quarter, midfielder Noor Kaur ’23 ripped the ball into the circle. Her toss met the tip of forward Olivia Bush’s ’24 stick and subsequently the back of the goal. At the sound of the ball banging against the wooden back wall of the goal and the referee signaling for a score, the small but mighty University family section erupted with cheers.

“Well, really it was all thanks to Noor. It was a savvy play by her to just shoot the ball into the circle to try and make some offense when American was playing off. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and tipped the ball in to make the goal count. But as far as our team’s performance throughout the overtime and coming out on top, I couldn’t be more proud! Our seniors led us through and in the end were the reason we won,” Bush said.

The American Eagles players spent a few moments protesting the goal, but the ref held firm. The Eagles spent the remainder of the game trying to get a goal of their own. They finally managed to tie the game with five minutes left in the fourth quarter.

Going into overtime, the Bison kept the intensity high as they forced American to scramble. The first portion was back and forth, with neither team taking control of the game. The second set of overtime seemed to be going in the same direction. As the fans geared up for what looked like a game that would end in a shootout, the Bison found a prime opportunity to score. 

Defender Kaelyn Long ’21 used some nifty stickwork to evade her defender and pass the ball across the front of the goal to midfielder Leah Fogelsanger ’21, who put the ball into the back of the net to end the game.

As the buzzer sounded, the Bison began to celebrate and the rain began to pour over Graham Field. It was a spectacular win for the Bison over a formidable opponent that opens up a number of possibilities for possible post-season play if the Bison can continue their hot streak. 

The field hockey team will face Colgate away this upcoming Sunday, April 4 in Hamilton, N.Y.

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