CAP Core brings back Bison Sound

Lindsay Kaul, Contributing Writer

With spring in full swing at the University, it’s almost time for one of the Campus Activities & Programs (CAP) Core’s biggest events of the year: Bison Sound. Bison Sound is an annual music festival that is held at the end of each academic year. In past years, this popular event has drawn large crowds of students to play lawn games, eat free food and, most importantly, watch their fellow students perform. Unfortunately, Bison Sound was canceled last year when the campus was shut down due to COVID-19. This means that while the event will be easily recognizable to upperclassmen, first-years and sophomores have never seen Bison Sound before.

Cole Zehe ’23, a student involved in planning in the event, explains further: “Bison Sound is a great way for student musicians to show off their talents and put on a concert for anyone to listen to. It’s like a music festival, with Bucknell students both performing and enjoying the show.”

CAP Core, in collaboration with other organizations such as Uptown and Seventh Street Studio, are responsible for planning Bison Sound. Like all of their other student events this year, CAP Core has had to navigate COVID-19 regulations in their planning efforts. Bison Sound will likely look different this year, but it still promises to be a fun yet safe way for students to socialize at the end of the academic year. 

“We are so excited to offer Bison Sound this year in a COVID-19 friendly way. Food trucks, student performers, tie dye and so many other fun elements come together to form this Bucknell favorite event. It is such a fun way to wrap up the semester together,” Assistant Director of Campus Activities and Programs Molly Burkholder said. 

Bison Sound is scheduled to take place from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. on Saturday, May 8. The event will be held at two locations this year: outside Seventh Street Studio and outside Uptown. Students will be able to tie-dye different Bison Sound-themed apparel outside Seventh Street Studio and enjoy student performances in the McDonnell Amphitheater, located outside of Uptown. Students will also be able to enjoy food from food trucks stationed at these locations.

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