Spring has sprung

Siobhan Nerz, Staff Writer

The University is in bloom! During a short walk around campus, one can observe the emerging flowers and fresh grass. As the weather becomes warmer, more and more students are also utilizing outside spaces to study and eat. The opportunity to gather outdoors has afforded students with a fun and safe way to socialize and enjoy the weather. Many students are excited about the change of season, as it affords a healthy dose of fresh air and sunshine.  

A favorite study spot seems to be the academic quads. “I love working outside, especially on the quad. It’s nice to be surrounded by others and see everybody else doing work outside,”  Nicole Donnelly ’24 said.

Similarly, older students are seeing the opportunities to work outside as a sign of the campus reverting back to normalcy. “Being able to study outside has completely uplifted my mood. Seeing everyone on the quad in their individual groups reminded me of pre-COVID times and I’m so excited to be able to go outside and socialize again!” Susie Williams ’23 said.

Students are also finding that the warm weather is having a positive impact on their mental health. Salina Musyaju ’24 describes the fresh air as “a pleasure. Working outside during pleasant weather has improved my productivity and mood. It is especially fun to work on my geo assignments outside during pleasant days, which makes it feel more rewarding.”

“With the weather getting nicer, it is great to have the option to take a zoom call outside or sit on the quad with friends and get some work done,” Olivia Butler ’24 added. 

Additionally, the warm weather has made campus life more enjoyable for athletes who practice outdoors. Lea Codispot ’24, a rower on the women’s novice team, commented, “Having the chance to practice on the river is a great way to get away from my work, break up the day, and enjoy the outdoors while getting exercise and working hard with the team.”

Also, Colby Grames ’24, an athlete on the football team says, “having a Spring season this year was definitely a challenge, but we are just glad we get the chance to play given the pandemic.”

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