Breaking the bubble

Jaxon White, News Co-Editor


U.S. President Joe Biden’s first 100 days have passed, and FiveThirtyEight shows that Biden has a net approval rating of roughly 54 percent and a 41.8 percent disapproval rating. These numbers appear to be consistent with many past presidents around this point in their terms. 

Biden is expected to announce a proposal for a $200 billion universal preschool program as part of the infrastructure plan that he has mentioned in recent weeks. The program would give free pre-schooling for all children within the ages of three and four years old. The intent of the legislation also includes allowing parents greater flexibility in joining the workforce. 


India is currently going through the worst outbreak of COVID-19 in the world. The country has officially announced over 18 million cases since the last year, but many doubt those numbers express the true totals. With India’s numbers soaring, health officials fear that other countries could also experience an uptick in cases.

Spain now plans to reopen their borders to overseas travelers in June. Spanish officials say that if tourists can show they have been vaccinated or recently tested negative, they will be allowed to enter the country. This announcement comes as many countries around the world are going through an increase in COVID-19 cases, despite vaccination efforts. 

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