The fall of Jake Paul

Peyton Dripps, Staff Writer

The American Youtuber, rapper, former Vine star and social media influencer Jake Paul is a narcissistic sociopath – who is somehow still supported despite his many mistakes and numerous scandals. With his passion for creating and editing videos, Paul was first seen on the app Vine, where he pulled pranks on his friends and occasionally strangers. Paul was often seen embarrassing others or getting himself in trouble on camera for his viewers’ enjoyment. In the years following his first appearance on Vine, Paul has acquired 20 million YouTube subscribers and joined the “Hype House,” a group of TikTok and YouTube personalities based out of Los Angeles. For someone who once was a fun and entertaining influencer, Paul has created a horrible reputation for himself and has the biggest and most notorious name in the influencer industry. Paul’s lack of respect for others and his offensive nature has impacted many as his controversies and continuous unacceptable behavior propels him to fame and fortune. 

Many wonder how and why Paul remains a consistent influencer. Leveraging his bad reputation to keep his career, Paul uses his narcissistic and sociopathic ways to entertain his viewers. After graduating from Vine, Paul simultaneously became one of the most popular and most hated YouTubers. Hatred for Paul grew as his platform heightened through his appearance on YouTube. Purchasing a house with a few other influencers, neighbors described living next to Paul as a “living hell” and a “war zone;” the teen started massive fires in the neighborhood, preformed dangerous dirt bike stunts, built a water slide to propel his friends into the pool and leaking his address online. Paul has also influenced his younger viewers that school is not necessary, and that education does not advance an individual as he shared that he was able to become successful without school. Paul continues to be called out for his actions on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube by other influencers, but this only boosts his ego and audience. 

Not only has Paul negatively impacted those who are in close proximity to him and his young fans, but his use of derogatory terms and lack of remorse for his actions is disgusting and unacceptable. In January 2018, TMZ surfaced a video of Paul at Coachella from three years prior. The video showed Paul rapping over the song, “Throw Sum Mo,” by Rae Sremmurd, saying the n-word on two separate occasions. This video blew up on various social media platforms and offended and hurt many of his viewers and YouTube users. Paul never apologized for his behavior. Apology or not, this is completely unacceptable. Recently, Paul caused another controversy when he was caught hosting a massive party in Calabasas during the height COVID-19 cases in California. Videos of this large party surfaced, showing other social media influences swinging from dangerous equipment in his backyard, maskless and intoxicated. “I personally am not the type of person who’s gonna sit around and not live my life,” Paul told Insider when questioned about his massive party. Many were disgusted with Paul’s comment, arguing his comments suggested that keeping the surrounding community safe was not his priority.

Having a need for an excessive amount of attention and admiration, along with his lack of empathy and disregard for others, Paul will eventually hit rock bottom. Currently taking advantage of his narcissistic and sociopathic ways for viewer’s entertainment, Paul will continue his downward spiral and reach a point of no return. Paul should have been cancelled years ago. Paul is a horrible influencer who does not deserve a spotlight or fame; he needs professional help. 

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