Excitement builds for Chiddy Bang's visit

By Michelle Joline

Arts & Life Editor

After making their name on the nation’s college campuses, the electro hip-hop duo Chiddy Bang will be debuting its first full-length album,”Breakfast,” and performing on campus for Fall Fest tomorrow. Arts&Life editor, Michelle Joline’12, spoke with Chiddy, who promised a great performance for campus.

Michelle: Do you think you received a good reaction from Bucknell students the last time you visited?

Chiddy: Yeah, I remember that show; I remember driving up and doing the show and it being fun, but that was then. We’ve done so many shows since then that this time around it’s going to be even better … When we do shows, there’s always generally a good, fun experience. I’m definitely excited to come back because I’ve been there before and I just want to intensify and heighten the experience.

Michelle: Have you made any changes to your style on your debut album, “Breakfast”?

Chiddy: We’ve definitely stayed true to our original style. I guess that the only difference is that we have more resources, more access to things that make our music sound much bigger … since the last time we came to Bucknell we’ve been able to get new studios and work with a couple of great producer friends of ours.  There’s just a lot of things that we didn’t really have access to. Being able to use a big studio versus using just a laptop and computer. It enabled us to bring all types of things in like grand piano, guitar, or just like adding different instrumentation.

Michelle: Do you think that you are going to be previewing any of the new songs?

Chiddy: We’ll give a couple previews; we can definitely pull something out of the hat. We’ve sort of kept a lot of it under real wraps because we’ve just been going back and forth with the label and trying to figure out the release date and some other things. But there’s always that time when we’re at the show feeling good and we feel like sharing things with fans that we don’t normally share. Anything goes when that’s the case.

Michelle: Since you are a Philadelphia-based group, what about that city or Pennsylvania in general inspires you as a group?

Chiddy: Philly definitely inspired everything about the group because that’s where we created it, that’s where we started and that’s where I met Noah. Noah’s originally from Philly, I’m originally from Jersey, but it was the creative energy that was around Philly that sort of enabled us to do what we do. Xaph grew up there, that’s where he learned how to play all the instruments. You know that’s where he started working in studios … working in jazz studios. That was when he was, like, 16 years old. That’s sort of what gave him his background, his musical background and that’s when I came to Philly for my freshman year at Drexel. I embraced this whole new world and when Xaph would play me some of his beats I was just amazed at how genre-less they were. Xaph can play damn near every instrument and I think that can be owed to being in Philadelphia, a rich musical city … So, without that there would probably be no Chiddy Bang, definitely.

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