Breaking the bubble

Juliette Gaggini, News Co-Editor


In a speech at the White House, U.S. President Joe Biden said he was launching a new phase in the fight against COVID-19. He has a goal of at least partly vaccinating 70 percent of adults by Independence Day. The administration’s own health experts say tens of millions more Americans must be vaccinated before the positivity rate is low enough to return to what many people consider ordinary life.

Severe storms crossed through the South over a period of days, with damaging tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. Large parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, as well as corners of Arkansas and Georgia, were at enhanced risk for the worst weather, with over 11 million people living in these zones.


COVID-19 cases and deaths are mounting at an alarming speed in India. On Tuesday, May 4, cases surpassed 20 million, with over 220,000 deaths. Though these numbers are already concerning, real figures may in fact be much higher than officially-available estimates.

Deadly protests have taken place in Colombia as people protest against a planned pandemic tax hike, leaving at least 19 people dead and hundreds injured. The protests have also been inspired by anger over rising poverty, inequality and excessive force by police.

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