Letter to the Editor: TKE alumni call on University community to embrace diversity, inclusion, and equity in wake of assault on Fran’s House

Submitted to The Bucknellian staff on May 21, 2021

With great sadness we learned over the weekend that apparent former TKE fraternity members attempted to break into Fran’s House, leaving Fran’s House residents, the LGBTQ+ community, and ourselves rattled to our core. The acts that occurred on Friday are completely contrary to the founding principles of the Beta Mu chapter. We are writing to let the University community know that we stand in solidarity with Fran’s House, University students, faculty, and staff who have lent their support, kindness, and love to those affected. 

This is a wake up call for action. President Bravman’s statement to acknowledge and condemn this horrific incident, to work with Fran’s House members, and to thoroughly investigate what happened is a positive first step. Indeed, the students responsible must be held accountable. 

However, this cannot be the final step. Fran’s House released a statement calling on the University to establish Tower House as the permanent residence of the LGBTQ+ community on campus. We support them. They also call on the community to work against the culture of ‘toxic masculinity’ on campus. We support them, and we support the structural and cultural changes needed to make this happen. 

We also know that Public Safety failed in their core duty of making Fran’s House residents safe; we therefore support a thorough investigation. While President Bravman and faculty pledged ‘corrective and disciplinary measures,’ we encourage President Bravman to go further. Public Safety must rethink how it engages with students, its fundamental role on campus, and how they too can live up to the Student Code of Conduct, which requires each Bucknellian to ‘reflect maturity, social responsibility and respect toward others.’ 

Fran’s House closed their statement by saying that they look forward to continuing this conversation and by building a more equitable campus for all. With a clear and unequivocal voice, know that we will always support you. 


Stephen Halldorson 2004 

Jacob Palley 2004 

Paulo Palugod 2004 

Nick Scott 2004 

John Bednarz 2005 

Tom Bitting 2005 

James Cassidy 2005 

Adam Clark 2005 

Rich Karcher 2005

John Larson 2005

Bryan Leibowitz 2005

Steve Mell 2005

Phillips Mike 2005

Kevin Powers 2005

Jeffrey Puro 2005

John Siwicki 2005

Matthew Wood 2005

Jonathan Bloom 2006

Jonathan Eng 2006

Thomas Fasano 2006

Lance Finnefrock 2006

Michael Frasca 2006

Marc Lewis 2006

Hansen Lukman 2006

Pete Massaro 2006

Jared Miller 2006

Griffin Reynolds 2006

Jason Tam 2006

Donald Whaley 2006

Mike Casenta 2007

Jimmy Crawford 2007

Ian Hartshorn 2007

Adam Kähler 2007

Greg Mokodean 2007

Patrick Shoemaker 2007

Alex Vienckowski 2007

Thomas J. Walk 2007

Michael Harkness 2008

Ed Bauer 2009

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