University receives largest one-sum donation in its history

Bob Feeney, Contributing Writer

Last July, alumnus Michael Pascucci ’58 pledged the largest one-time commitment in the University’s history, at a total of more than $40 million. 

Although the effects have already started to show physically on Bucknell’s campus, with the recent addition of a video board at the far end of Christy Mathewson Stadium, many more changes are still yet to come.

“The extraordinary generosity of Michael Pascucci will have a permanent impact on our University’s most imperative calling — ensuring that the power and opportunity of a Bucknell education is accessible,” University President John Bravman said in a press release responding to the donation. “Many future generations of [University students] to come will owe a deep gratitude and appreciation for the generosity of Michael, his family and the Pascucci Family Foundation.”

This commitment is meant to make the University more financially accessible for future students. Approximately $30 million will go to support unrestricted, need-based financial aid endowment through the Pascucci Family Scholarship, according to the Aug. 9 press release. An additional $10 million will serve to enhance Christy Mathewson Memorial Stadium with the new Michael C. Pascucci Team Center and turf practice field, offering additional training and practice space for eight men’s and women’s teams.

The area of the stadium and the gates right outside the bleachers will now come to be known as the Pascucci Family Athletics Complex, with this new title already in place under the video board.

“I feel that life is up to the individual, that what you do with your own life is your choice, but everyone doesn’t get the same chances or have the opportunity to do their best,” Pascucci explained of his donation. “If the only reason some students can’t go to Bucknell is because of finances, then I want to help them have a chance. What they do at Bucknell is strictly up to them, but I want them to get that shot.”

Pascucci, a first generation college student, majored in finance and has gone on to a successful career, with ventures like the private investment company Duck Pond Associates, the television station WLNY, and the Sebonack Golf Club in Southampton, N.Y. 

Just as an education at the University set the groundwork for his successful career, Pascucci’s generous donation will grant the opportunity of a Bucknell education to a new generation of students.

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