confetti head is Back!

Anna DeNelsky, Contributing Writer

What is confetti head?

Established in 2018 by a group of students in The Writing World, a course taught by Professor Joe Scapellato promoting literary citizenship, confetti head is the University’s premier undergraduate online literary magazine. The magazine, which publishes student fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and visual art, serves as a platform to further cultivate a creative community on campus and represent diverse voices. 

Editor-in-Chief Nicole Yeager ’22 joined during her sophomore year and took over leadership her junior year as the only member left. She has worked to revive and rebrand the magazine and ultimately has been successful over the past year; with an entirely new masthead, confetti head has published its largest issue to date. Yeager expresses her optimism for the future of the magazine, “I have really big hopes for confetti head going forward! I cannot wait to continue to grow the status confetti head has on campus and continue to publish amazing issues.”

Yeager is in charge of planning and leading meetings, heading up communication, and promoting submissions; she also has the final say at editorial meetings. The Head Editors—Sabrina Barner ’23, Tabitha Chilton ’22, Josh Holm ’22, Tierra Jones ’22, Shelby May ’23, Hailey Robinson ’22, Michael Smith ’22—also contribute to editorial meetings and help review submissions. Olivia Scotti ’22 works as PR and Marketing Manager. 

Chilton talks about her experience as a Head Editor, “It’s a lot of fun to discuss student writing with other students on campus who also care about writing. It’s a great part of the literary community on campus and a great opportunity to submit work and get published!”

What are the guidelines for submissions? 

The magazine releases an issue once a semester, and accepted submissions will be published in the issue of the semester in which they were submitted. Submissions are accepted anytime up until the last two weeks of the semester. According to Yeager, students can submit once for all of the magazine’s sections: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and visual art. Students may also submit up to three poems, a maximum of 2,500 words for fiction and nonfiction, and up to five pieces for visual art. Issues do not have themes in an effort to represent as many voices as possible—“I guess, in a way, you could say the theme of each issue is the creative minds of Bucknell students!” Yeager said. All types of work and styles are encouraged. 

“Going forward, we plan to stick to publishing issues once a semester,” Yeager said. “Obviously, since we are entirely student-run, this might fluctuate over time depending on what the masthead looks like—but that is the plan for now!” 

Past issues and more information about submissions can be found on confetti head’s website: 

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