The Bucknellian’s guide to best Lewisburg eateries

Juliana Collins, Staff Writer

Looking for a new place to eat in Lewisburg with your friends or family? Here’s a list of delicious options, filled with meals to fit anybody’s needs.

Amami Kitchen & Espresso Bar

An Italian Kitchen & Espresso Bar located on 103 S Sixth St., Amami offers all different types of foods such as salads, breakfast sandwiches & paninis, pizzas, and a wide variety of coffees & espressos. The owner & chef, Davide Della Pietra, is often praised for his hospitality. He and his employees are always eager to help customers pick an item off the menu. 

Some popular meals include the arugula salad and the Nutella oatmeal. Amami also has several beverage options perfect for those who are dairy free. It is a frequent choice for quick meals before class, and it has a warm and homey atmosphere that makes it a great place to study.

“I love going to Amami with my friends because it is really close to campus,” Emma Davison ’23 said. “The owner is so friendly and always remembers me when I visit. You can always count on your favorite sandwich to be delicious!” 

Writer’s favorite: Iced Chai Latte

Gram’s Eatery

Located on 21 N Third St., Gram’s is one of the most popular restaurants in town. Gram’s has an array of food options including breakfast sandwiches, wraps, burgers and tacos, as well as their famous Taco Tuesday.

On Taco Tuesdays, customers have the opportunity to order a variety of tacos for a reduced price. Gram’s also offers a variety of vegetarian options, as well as gluten and dairy-free choices. Their smoothies and milkshakes are also popular throughout the University community. 

Writer’s favorite: Avocado Toast, preferably with an egg and hash browns

Jackass Brewing Company 

A little bit further than walking distance from campus, Jackass Brewing Company is a fairly new restaurant to dine in at night, as the atmosphere is industrial and creative. It is located at 2268 Old Turnpike Rd., about 10 minutes from campus. 

According to their website, Jackass Brewing Company began as a hobby for founders Skip Kratzer and Larry Winans. They became obsessed with brewing and needed an outlet to get rid of the extras that their friends and family couldn’t drink.

Writer’s favorite: The Chips and the Dip Together

Tonino’s Pizza

A popular choice for Italian food is Tonino’s, which is about five minutes from campus located at 325 N tenth St., Tonino’s is a good option for a quick slice of pizza to grab with some friends. Also, the salads are always a good choice as they are filled with protein and toppings. 

Tonino’s delivers, which is convenient for late-night study sessions, and they even cater for larger group events. 

Writer’s favorite: Buffalo Chicken Pizza / House Salad with Chopped Steak 

Brasserie Louis

Brasserie Louis, located at 101 Market St., has an intimate dinner menu filled with a variety of soups, salads and vegan entrees. Despite being more of an upscale dining option, the fries are a popular choice among students. 

The restaurant also has a patio and private dining rooms available for reservation.

Writer’s favorite: Vegan Burger with a side of fries

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