Breaking the Bubble 

Juliette Gaggini and Jaxon White


On Wednesday Sept. 8, the Biden administration announced its plan for how solar energy will lead the charge for the future of energy. The administration hopes that half of the nation’s electricity will be produced from solar polar by 2050. The Energy Department’s analysis showed that the United States can upgrade the current three percent of the nation being powered from solar electricity, to about 45 percent within the next three decades. 


On Wednesday September 8, a statue of Robert E. Lee, which was in Richmond,  Va. for 131 years, was taken down. A crowd formed and cheered at the removal of the bronze statue which was one of the largest Confederate statues still remaining.



A 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Acapulco, Mexico on Tuesday, September 7 leaving at least one person dead. The earthquake shook buildings in the capital nearly 250 miles away. Tourists evacuated in the aftershocks which were level four or above. Though many were scared, there are no serious reports of damage in the city. 


A jump in cases of Nipah virus in India have authorities racing to contain the outbreak. The Nipah virus is a zoonotic disease that has proven to be far deadlier than COVID-19. After the death of a 12 year old boy, government authorities have begun contact tracing efforts, quarantining people who came in contact with the boy.

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