Breaking the Bubble

Jax White, News Co-Editor


Lily Batchelder has been confirmed by the Senate as President Biden’s pick to serve as the assistant secretary for tax policy in the Treasury Department. In the past, she has supported Biden’s proposal for an increase in the minimum tax on corporations’ foreign revenue. 

A salmonella outbreak has hit at least 127 people in about 25 different states since the start of August, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Salmonella Oranienburg is observed to be the main strain in the outbreak. The source of the outbreak is unknown at this time.


Footage of US Border Patrol agents on horseback using harsh tactics against Haitian immigrants has surfaced. It appears in the videos that agents swung whips and reins towards the migrants who crossed the US-Mexico border. The White House is currently looking into these events for more information. 

A United Nations committee has been put in charge of deciding whether the Taliban will be permitted to address World Leaders at the United Nations. This debate comes about a month after the Taliban rapidly took over Afghanistan.

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