Study abroad applications extended

Ally Lima, Contributing Writer

With the original September 16 deadline for Spring 2022 Study Abroad applications having already come and gone, many students may have been relieved to see that the deadline has been extended to Friday, October 1. 

As students have been getting into the swing of things at the start of the semester, there is no doubt that the September 16 deadline crept up faster than expected. The extended deadline offers students the opportunity to decide on a study abroad program and complete all the necessary steps for the application, as well as a new opportunity for students in their sophomore year to apply to study abroad.

As stated on the Bucknell Message Center news update, “through the Study Abroad Programs link on the Global Ed webpage, you can research study abroad programs that best compliment your academic focus and interest.”

Those who have not yet decided on a program should utilize this resource in order to find their potential best suited study abroad experience. 

In addition to this resource, the Global Education Office hosted an information session as well as a study abroad fair this past weekend, while many parents and families were in town for Family Weekend. Additionally, the “Bucknell en France” program hosted a separate information session on September 18. This offered families of prospective study abroad students to learn more about the study abroad programs and think about a potential location. 

“In the recent past COVID has limited students’ opportunities to study abroad. Global Education was approved to open up the Spring 2022 semester to all Sophomore students to apply and promote the extension and eligibility expansion Global Education extend our deadline to October 1,” said Trace Coats, assistant director in the Office of Global and Off Campus Education. 

With the extension, Coats said that they have already seen a “little bump” in applications. 

“We always want to get as many students to have an abroad experience as possible,” said Coats.

Coats believes that perhaps because students are unable to travel to a few popular destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan and China, due to COVID restrictions, there may be fewer applicants this year. This drop has not been  significant, from 254 students during the Spring 2020 semester to 231 applicants this semester (with more to come!). 

Students shared their sentiments on these updates from the Global Education office. 

“Especially coming out of the pandemic, I think a lot of students have been wary about the concept of going abroad, which for me halted my application process. I was really relieved when I found out that the deadline was moved because it gave me more time to get situated and meet all the requirements for my application.” Addy Campbell ’23, said.

Many students share these feelings, and the extension offers the opportunity for those who are unsure about their decision to study abroad to further contemplate their plans. 

Deciding on and applying to a Study Abroad program can appear to be a daunting process. With the help of the Global Education office, students wishing to study abroad can find a program that will be the most rewarding for them. 

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