Breaking the Bubble

Jaxon White, News Co-Editor


NBC News reported that United Airlines fired nearly 600 employees that refused to comply with their vaccination policies. Employees can keep their jobs if they get vaccinated before the effective date of their termination. Any new hires for United Airlines will now be required to get vaccinated.

President Obama’s new Presidential Center has begun construction in Chicago after being delayed by legal challenges and federal review, according to the New York Times. In contention with other typical projects for other presidents Obama’s center will most likely host concerts, events, lecturers, training and summits, instead of being a library. 


This summer, the European Commission announced a ban on caging particular animals by the year 2027. The ban included hens used for egg-laying, female pigs used for breeding, calves used for veal, and all rabbits, ducks and geese. Many experts are considering this action the most ambitious animal welfare reform within the past decade. 

North Korea claimed it successfully fired a ‘hypersonic missile’ called Hwasong-8, as reported by BBC News. State media touted the new weapon as one of the top weapons systems planned for its five-year military development plan. It is not confirmed yet, but it is assumed by most experts that the weapon has nuclear capabilities. 

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