Student Reports Needing “a Break After Fall Break!”

Thao Nguyen, Contributing Writer

Coming back from Fall Break, many students are already missing their families and are dreading the thought of their workload, which is likely heightened thanks to procrastination. That is not the case with Carl Baldwin ’24. I had the pleasure to talk to Carl about his Fall Break experience with curiosity as to why he said, “I need a break after Fall Break.” 

When he had entered the door to his home, Carl was welcomed with the dinner table filled with delicious homemade food. Who wouldn’t want homemade food after living off of chicken tender wraps from the Bison for the past half-semester? Apparently, not Carl. The problem Carl had was that his dad made too much food. Too much food to the point that Carl would have to pack it for college where his mini-fridge is already filled with so much homemade food from a month ago that he is not even halfway done with. Carl has yet to try a chicken tender wrap since he arrived back on campus, and cannot until he finishes off the year’s worth of homemade cooking he currently has stored away. I wouldn’t mind having that much free food, but Carl claims that his situation gets worse.

As Carl was writing his paper for a class, his mom came into his room holding onto a white t-shirt of his. It was clear that she was doing his laundry, so how could it get any worse? She held up the shirt and it read, “I did not have sex with my neighbor’s mom.” Keep in mind, Mrs. Baldwin is really close friends with said neighbor’s mom. Many are familiar with White Lie Parties, but hopefully not Mrs. Baldwin. How did Carl explain to his mom about his white lie shirt? Despite the fact that it was in Carl’s handwriting, Carl said that his friend wrote it and forced him to wear the shirt. And his mom believed it and continued to do his laundry! 

After listening to Carl’s Fall Break experience, it’s safe to say that Carl definitely deserves a break after that t-shirt fiasco and should treat himself to a chicken tender wrap from the Bison.

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