Professor Finds Out They Are Actually Teaching the Hardest Class at the University

Aaron Chin, Contributing Writer

It’s not a secret that many classes at the University are difficult for students. The most frustrating thing about this is that professors often don’t know how hard their classes are. Many professors just assume that the students should be able to figure out the work on their own and that their class is a breeze.  

Last week, there was a shocking development in Professor Stress’s class, “Mathematics With Really Difficult Numbers.” Stress has claimed that they designed the class to “help students figure out how to manage their workload in the real world.” However, Stress gave their students so much work that the students protested class by not showing up and flooding Stress’ email, letting Stress know that they were teaching the most difficult class at the University.

But Stress has not let up. If anything, Stress has only gotten worse with the workload. Ever since the protest, Stress has been piling on the work. Students have claimed that they now spend 19 hours a day doing Stress’ work, which mostly consists of an 87 page packet of multiplying ridiculously high numbers together without the use of a calculator.

As always, students at the University have found a way of coping with Stress. They have since formed a group called “Stress Relief,” where students vent about Stress and try to de-Stress themselves. The group focuses on the importance of meditation and stresses the value of Stress management. 

“It’s really helped us quite a bit,” claimed one student. “Dr. Stress just keeps piling on the work, which just leads to more…ugh I can’t think of the right word…emotional turmoil? It’s a never ending cycle of Stress, and my life has become extremely Stress-full.”

Despite this, Stress does not seem to be done with their students. “I don’t see how my workload is affecting them, to be honest,” they claim. “I know that my class can be hard, but they need to learn how to manage time and how to manage Stress.”

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