Breaking the Bubble (10/29/2021) 

Jaxon White, News Section Co-Editor


The northeast was hit with hurricane-force winds that knocked out power to more than 600,000 homes and businesses, according to USA Today. Massachusetts took the biggest hit, with 500,000 of the outages being within the state. Rhode Island and New York were also significantly affected, with 5,000 and 40,000 outages, respectively. Although the rain has ended, USA Today said that people should be cautious of the winds.

Actor Alec Baldwin was practicing a scene with a prop gun for a movie called “Rust,” when the gun went off, killing Halyna Hutchins, the film’s cinematographer. The Director, Joel Souza, was also injured in the accident. Baldwin has been cooperative in the investigation and, according to the New York Times, assistant director Dave Halls admitted that he had not checked the revolver carefully before giving it to Baldwin. 


The New York Times reported that the Taliban has allowed some teenage girls to return to high school in some provinces. This news comes as pressure from foreign governments weighs down on the Taliban. Despite this, the New York Times reports that many within the country are weary of the quality of education and whether it may simply be a front to receive international recognition and aid. 

Pope Francis has agreed to visit Canada as calls for an apology from the Catholic Church grow, according to The Guardian. The Church was allegedly involved in the abuse and killings of indigenous children, numbering in the thousands. Other parties involved in the deaths, including the Canadian government, the Presbyterian, Anglican and United churches have all issued apologies in the past, but the Catholic Church has yet to offer one. 

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