Bostwick gets a few upgrades

Jessie Castellano, Staff Writer

While most of the University population was enjoying the long holiday break at home, the University Dining service was working diligently on the expansion of the Bostwick Marketplace. 

The demolition and renovation of the dining began on Dec. 20 and was complete by the time students arrived back on campus. In addition to previous meal options, such as the Grill, Egg Bar, Pizza and Pasta stations, there is now a new build-your-own-smoothie bar and grainery as well as an expanded deli and dessert section. 

Bostwick Marketplace, mostly called the “Caf” by students, is the campus’ central dining location. Other popular dining choices include The Commons Café by the South Campus Apartments and The Bison Café, also in the ELC. 

Nearly all first-year students can be found eating at Bostwick since the school requires the purchase of the anytime-access meal plan. Students hope that Bostwick’s new updates can help cater to the needs of all students, along with the Honest Eats station, which caters to students with dietary needs that cannot be met at the regular lines.

The new smoothie section offers a wide range of fruits and vegetables. It also allows students to take out their smoothies. It has been very popular since students arrived back on campus a few weeks ago.

“Lines have been very long. Today, people were lined up out the door,” Bostwick staffer Justin said. 

A question many have is whether these new upgrades will compete with other dining options like Bison Fresh, which also offers smoothie and grain bowl variations. However, meal plan options may make choices easier for students. Dining dollars are accepted at both locations, but a smoothie at Bison Fresh is around $9.00, compared to the $12.75 price tag of entering Bostwick at lunch hours.

If students could get the same smoothie, along with the other options available in Bostwick for less than $4 more, they may be more likely to go into Bostwick.

“I like that the team members can make the sandwich for you and now you can get your bread toasted. They also offer sandwich specials, which can make it easier to decide what you want to eat,” Noel Fullman ’25 said.

After much of last year, with all dining options only providing limited takeout meals, updates of any kind seem valuable to students. The new stations allow students to build their own meals, rather than having to eat what is selected on the dining menu for the week.

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