Kim Kardashian appears on campus, Fight between Ye and Pete Davidson breaks out

Aaron Chin, Contributing Writer

One of the most popular recent events that the University has held was a Q&A session with the famous comedian and star of Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson. Davidson, a true intellectual, had many knowledgeable things to say to students such as “Do what makes you happy,” and that he often watches the TV show Fairly Odd Parents in his spare time.

In the world of pop culture, Davidson has made headlines by dating reality TV star, socialite and model Kim Kardashian. Naturally, this raised the question, “What does Kim Kardashian’s former lover, Kanye West, think about all this?” We got our answer, unfortunately, at a devastating cost.

During the Q&A, one of the questions asked was, “Who is the most famous person that you have in your contacts?” Collectively the student body knew the answer, but Davidson smartly dodged the question, giving an answer that left most in attendance satisfied. One person, however, was not.

“Shouldn’t your current girlfriend be the most famous person you have on your phone?” somebody asked from the audience. Right then it was so silent that you could hear a pin drop. Everyone knew whose voice that was: Kim Kardashian’s. Sitting right next to her was Mr. West.

Things escalated very quickly after that. West quickly rushed onto the stage, leaving Davidson, the moderator and the student body in shock. West grabbed the microphone from Davidson and said, “Hey, sorry that I’m late, but you should be honored by my lateness.”

Davidson then tried to grab the microphone back from West who threw a punch at Davidson’s face, shocking everyone in attendance. Security rushed onto the stage but it was too late; a full-fledged fight had broken out.

The aftermath of the tragedy was intense. Davidson walked away with a black eye claiming that he was going to make a sequel to his acclaimed movie, The King of Staten Island, called The King of Staten Island 2: The King Conquers Kanye. West walked away with a broken nose claiming that he was going to write about Davidson in his next song, a follow-up to his 2007 hit “Stronger,” called “I am Stronger Than Pete Davidson.”

Kardashian left the event early, claiming that she “didn’t mean to cause any trouble.”

The student body also took action. After the incident, one group of students decided to organize a campus-wide Fairly Odd Parents screening in honor of Mr. Davidson. Another group of students organized a viewing of Keeping up With the Kardashians with episodes featuring Kanye West on the same night. More reports on that to follow as this story unfolds.

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