Breaking the Bubble (02/11/2022)

Jaxon White, News Section Co-Editor 


A number of states are beginning to remove statewide indoor mask mandates in light of decreasing numbers of cases, according to a report from The Hill. Delaware, New Jersey, California, Oregon, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois and Rhode Island were all included in the report. Nevertheless, the CDC recommends that anyone over the age of 2 wear a mask indoors if they are not fully-vaccinated.

The Biden administration is refuting claims that it is allotting federal funding to provide pipes used for smoking “crack” or meth in a federal grant program meant to decrease the harm to drug users, according to The Hill. Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, told reporters in a briefing that ‘safe smoking kits’ will include items such as alcohol swabs, lip balm, clean syringes and other materials to promote hygiene, with the goal of lowering the spread of diseases.


French President Emmanuel Macron said Russian President Vladimir Putin promised that he is hoping to limit the escalation of the crisis in Ukraine, according to ABC News. These promises emerged after five hours of negotiations between Macron and Putin in Moscow on Monday. He apparently assured Macron that no new initiatives would be taken by the military.

The 2022 Winter Olympic Games kicked off in Beijing last Friday with the opening ceremony. The New York Times reported that the 13 hour time difference between Eastern Standard Time and China could spell trouble for ratings in the United States. Ice skating, one of the games’ most popular events, will begin its medal-deciding rounds on February 9, with the competition wrapping up with the pairs event on the 18 and 19.

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