Breaking the Bubble

Juliana Collins, News Co-Editor


Last Sunday (Feb. 13) The Los Angeles Rams won the 56th Super Bowl 23-20 against the Cincinnati Bengals. Odell Beckham Jr. scored a touchdown during the first few minutes of the game. With 1:25 left, the Rams scored the final touchdown and took a conclusive three-point lead. 

Bob Saget, best known for his stand-up comedy and role on Full House, recently passed away on Jan. 9, 2022. His wife and daughters are suing Florida officials to block the release of the death investigation records. Family members argued that they would be in great pain and emotional distress if the records were released into the public, according to USA Today.


At the Beijing 2022 Olympics, the U.S. men’s hockey team lost in a tough bout with competitor Slovakia. According to the New York Times, Slovakia’s 3-2 win will end the United States’ chances of winning an Olympic gold medal with its youngest team in decades.

On Feb. 15, Tropical Storm Dumako hit Madagascar, resulting in the displacement of 885 people. Two individuals are currently missing as a result of the storm, which hit Madagascar’s Soanierana Ivongo area on Tuesday at 3 p.m.; winds in excess of 40 miles per hour battered the island, reaching up to 56 miles per hour as the storm crested.

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