Student with machete and airsoft rifle caught in Trax

Jaxon White, News Co-Editor

On Feb. 12, Bucknell Public Safety sent a campus notification alerting the community of a student entering Trax Hall with a machete, a BB gun and a can of spray paint. 

The time of the anonymous report was at 6:52 p.m., with the alert saying that Public Safety responded to the scene as soon as possible. The weapons were confiscated at the scene. 

After engaging with the student, Public Safety took possession of a machete and an airsoft rifle at the scene,” said the Feb. 12 notification. “The student was removed from Trax Hall by Public Safety and will not return to campus pending further investigation and appropriate process.”

The email did not specify if the suspect was violent during the apprehension, but it did say that the individual made “no individual threats” while being questioned by officers. It was also stated that the suspect poses no risk to campus at this time. 

No identifying qualities of the student were given, and the University did not disclose the individual’s name. Students have not received any more notifications about the incident since the initial email on Saturday. 

“I was in the gym at the time heading back as the situation was concluding and P-Safe was searching the car I believe,” said Seth Miller ’24. “I personally feel no different as situations like this can happen anywhere and simply because it was Trax hall this time doesn’t mean it’s a higher risk living there.”

Miller said he hasn’t noticed any significant shifts in security for the building since the incident. 

This event happened in the midst of growing distrust between the student body and public safety. At the beginning of this week, an anonymous person wrote in chalk on walkways across campus criticizing Public Safety about the alleged mishandling of past cases. 

Currently, the University is facing a lawsuit from former public safety officer Colby M. Snook. He claims that he was mistreated in the work environment in response to whistleblowing information about former Chief of Public Safety Steve Barilar. For more information, see past reports from The Bucknellian. 

No information was given by the notification whether or not the University plans on pressing charges against the student, or if the student remains in custody.

Stay tuned for updates as The Bucknellian follows the situation. 

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