Breaking the Bubble

Jaxon White, News Co-Editor


President Joe Biden held his first State of the Union address Tuesday night. Biden’s talking points ranged from the war in Ukraine, rising inflation across the country, the COVID-19 Pandemic and more. Biden notably addressed Russian President Vladimir Putin by name, referring to the invasion as “Putin’s latest attack…” Biden also announced that the U.S. will ban Russian airlines from American airspace, according to ABC News. 

According to The Hill, the state of Colorado will now accept different cryptocurrencies for tax payments. Gov. Jared Polis also said in the announcement that the state is hoping to allow crypto to be used for buying driver’s licenses, hunting licenses and a select other fees. The Hill also reported that 17 other states have enacted legislation in 2021 related to crypto.


As of Wednesday, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has intensified, with the Los Angeles Times reporting that a massive military convoy has surrounded Kyiv. The Guardian reported that the convoy is estimated to be roughly 40 miles long and could hint at Russia’s potential strategy for taking the city. These reports also come as the U.N. voted to condemn Russia’s invasion in an emergency session, calling for the country to withdraw from the state, according to the Guardian. 

According to Reuters, the Taliban has tightened their grip on Afghanistan, restricting travel for citizens outside of the country. Zabihullah Mujahid said on Sunday in a press conference that Afghans are not permitted to leave the country without a specific destination and that women are not allowed to travel overseas for educational purposes without a male guardian. Reuters reported that the news has raised concerns of the U.S. and U.K. over fears of the Taliban tampering with evacuation efforts.

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