New dorm in planning stages at Bucknell

William Medeiros

As the 2022 University housing raffle comes to a close, rumors surrounding the future of Bucknell West housing, commonly known as “the Mods,” have come to light. The University is reportedly contemplating removing the current “Mods” housing in favor of a new dormitory location.

At this time, it appears that such rumors are true—to some extent.

“At the October 2021 meeting, the Board of Trustees approved a design study for a potential capital project to replace the existing 270-bed Bucknell West student housing using the existing site,” the University confirmed in a statement from Director of Media Relations Mike Ferlazzo. “The design study has not yet been completed so additional details on cost and funding source have not been determined.”

Clearly, the project is still within its preliminary stages. There is no specific style, budget or further plans in place at this time. The topic of Bucknell West is a hot topic for students, as some advocate for the current structures to remain, while others believe they are outdated and a waste of space. While some opinions are that a new structure could relieve the strains the University endures during the housing raffles, many believe that Bucknell West should remain. 

Olivia Shields ’23, a Junior currently living at Bucknell West, is in favor of the Mods remaining. 

“Personally I would be in favor of the mods staying,” she said. “I like how they are built in an individual manner, as it feels like I have my own personal living space. It feels like my own little home, especially since there is green space outside, that makes it feel like my own yard even.

“I would prefer they keep the current structures, though definitely some of them need updating or renovations of some kind. The mods are special to Bucknell and I would like the school to do more to enhance the current structures,” Shields said.

The amount of space across Route 15 that the University owns is certainly enough to build a new dorm complex. The current Bucknell West housing was installed with the goal of being a quick and cheap project to house some additional students. Today, as the University grows and housing raffles become more complex, it is increasingly likely that the school’s next build project will be to install a new living facility in place of Bucknell West.

Taking into consideration that Bucknell West is across Route 15, one can reason students living in the proposed dorm complex would be upperclassmen.

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