Cause 4 Paws: MGMT 101 Company Contributes to a Cause

Cara Le Coz, Senior Writer

Freeman College’s intro experiential course, MGMT 101: Intro to Organization and Management, is one of the more trendy classes offered on campus known to be a sought-after choice during course registration. It grants valuable insight into the real world, encouraging entrepreneurship, establishing pillars of successful business practices and the collective efforts of a team that uplifts and contributes to local community service. Every semester, students from the class crowd the LC mall advertising the sale of unique and hot-ticketed University merch to fundraise for non-profit companies. 

The premise of the class is to learn fundamental management theories, concepts, and models to further put them into practice for the remainder of the semester. Students are tasked to design and manage their own companies throughout the semester. In addition, the companies must design and sell merchandise and hold a fundraising event to raise money for the non-profit organizations they choose to partner with.  

One group developed a company called Cause 4 Paws in partnership with 4 Paws Sake. 4 Paws Sake is a local animal rescue shelter that provides sanctuary for abandoned or neglected dogs with hopes to spread community awareness and reunite these animals with nurturing homes.

According to the Cause 4 Paws mission statement, “Cause 4 Paws is determined to be a vessel for change. With our effort and energy, our purpose is to provide 4 Paws sake with the support and service that will allow them to thrive within their efforts of providing sanctuary and relief for abandoned, stray, and neglected dogs. 4 Paws sake, at its core, demonstrates qualities of empathy, compassion, and selflessness. We as a company hope to mirror these same qualities both in our relationships as company members and throughout the process of executing our mission.”

For the remainder of the semester Cause 4 Paws plans to raise enough money by selling white monopoly-themed t-shirts to represent campus and downtown institutions starting at $25. They also plan to hold a fundraising event, Spring Fest, at Sojka Lawn on April 10 from 1 to 4 p.m. The event will include a Rita’s truck, dunk tank and other lawn games. In addition, donations can be made to the Cause 4 Paws GiveButter campaign.

Intending to raise at least $2,000, Cause 4 Paws hopes to create a comfortable and affordable environment for the animals. “A lot of their money goes toward their heating bill, and they want to use their central heating system less to allocate their funds to bring in more animals. We are renovating their facility – building a dog enclosure and boarding up one of their garage doors to eliminate draft and ultimately decrease their heating bills so they can focus their money toward rescuing more animals. We plan to start construction this Thursday,” Lianne Garrahan ’25 said.

The Cause 4 Paws vision statement resonates this philanthropic drive, “Through our partnership with 4 Paws Sake, we envision our company as a catalyst for further growth of their company initiatives and purpose. Our company members all share a love for animals and believe that we have the potential to help both the community and animals in the Milton area. We hope to create awareness for neglected and abandoned animals and help 4 Paws Sake by alleviating some of their financial burdens and helping their animals get adopted.”

This is such an invaluable opportunity for future entrepreneurs and small businesses alike. Freeman College has instilled a fundamental passion for supporting and inspiring small and non-profit businesses. The small business development center and BizPitch challenge are other resources and opportunities offered to students. The opportunities afforded to students allow for this meaningful experience and later success once they graduate.

Students and the campus community are the main contributors to these companies. They are structured to attune for our interests, non-dining food, cool merch and the opportunity to give back to the greater Lewisburg public. Make sure to look out for Cause 4 Paws and other MGMT 101 companies this semester to buy into their business ventures for a greater purpose. It also is valuable time as we count down on the remaining weeks of the school year to support our peers.

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