The Celebration of the Arts and Sciences

Juliana Collins, News Co-Editor

The University is hosting its first ever College of Arts and Sciences week. The purpose of this week is to highlight the work of many students as well as the success of alumni. This week will include social events, networking opportunities and panels. 

This week will begin on the evening of April 11 and end on April 15. Registration for the following events can be found on Handshake:

On Monday, there will be an ice cream social from 6-8 p.m. on the Academic Quad to start the week. On Tuesday, there will be two talks on the events going on in our world on the Science Quad and in the ELC forum. Wednesday there will be a talk with professors and faculty members on conducting research at the University. 

Two talks will take place on Thursday ranging from networking and meeting alumni to hearing from seniors in the ELC. Additionally on Thursday, there will be a luncheon for Arts and Science students. Finally, there will be a performance in the Weis Center on Friday from Beyond Unison and Bison Girls as well as a conversation with graduate students. 

The goal of this week is to allow college students to explore a diverse range of interests and academic fields. Arts and Sciences week will highlight the college and bring graduates back to campus to share their experiences. 

Christian Melgar ’23 is an executive Intern for the College of Arts and Sciences and is an Education and English Double major with a Public Policy minor. He shared his thoughts on the week-long events to help students dive deeper into what the College of Arts and Sciences offers, while enhancing their understanding of different career programs and fields related to their major. 

“When I first came into my role as the Executive Intern for the College of Arts and Sciences, I found that students were not feeling connected to the college nor their major. Many students expressed concern that they felt like their major was not going to take them anywhere,” Melgar said.

Based off of the past two years being affected by COVID-19, Melgar said he believes that the Arts and Sciences week is what students need to feel more connected to their fellow students and their professors.

“Deep down, I believed in the potential and mission of the College of Arts and Sciences, and where a degree from CAS could take students; I needed them to believe it too,” he said. “I knew that it was not enough for just me to give our students this message, so I reached out to Bucknell Alumni from the college and asked if they too would help me launch this innovative project. They were on board in a heartbeat. I am mostly excited for our students to be able to connect with Bucknell CAS professors and alumni in a way that has never been done before here at Bucknell,” Melgar said.

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