G-Wagons: The most legendary car on the market

Morgan Levy, Contributing Writer

In most paparazzi photos, you’ve most likely seen your favorite celebrity exiting their luxurious vehicle on their way to an elite event. Some of these cars are Range Rovers, Lamborghinis, or even the hottest of them all – a Mercedes G-Wagon. The G-Wagon has become the ultimate representation of power and elegance in a vehicle and has truly captivated the car market, with its combination of peak performance abilities and visual appeal.  

Mercedes G-Wagons rightfully deserve the title of being the most legendary car in the market, due to it being one of the first cars to successfully crossover road power with an elegant appearance. Don’t let the car’s 10-way power seats, three locking differentials, ladder frame and LED headlights fool you into thinking that this car is just meant to sit in a  garage and look pretty. Its handcrafted twin-turbo V8 engine allows it to hit 60 mph in only 4.5 seconds (per aG63 model statistic). In addition, the G-Wagon’s engine allows it to exhibit  revolutionary performance while maintaining energy efficiency. Its cylinder management  increases fuel efficiency by deactivating half of the vehicle’s cylinders in low road terrain. What’s better than a car that can look sexy while also having a 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8 engine?

G-Wagons are well known for their utilization in military settings, as well. The car’s off-roading modifications, such as rotiform wheels and AIRMATIC suspension systems, allow the car to handle a variety of terrains with ease. These premium qualities contribute to the car’s success among the elite; at the same time, their sleek, rugged appearance and comfort contribute immensely to their enduring popularity.  

But as revolutionary as this vehicle may be, there are a few key weaknesses that prevent consumers from purchasing the G-Wagon – the mileage, environmental impact and price. For starters, the gas mileage of the G63 model is a mere 13-15 mpg in a city setting and 15-17 mpg on the highway. Considering all the attention to detail and the luxurious nature of the G-Wagon, these are extremely low ranges for miles per gallon (mpg). Although the vehicle embraces energy efficient tactics, the gas mileage poses a threat to the environment due to the high emissions of carbon dioxide. As activism for climate change awareness compounds, the low gas mileage trait of the G-Wagon could lead to a decreased positive public perception of the vehicle. 

Moreover, many consumers argue that if they wanted an angular off-roading vehicle they would purchase a Jeep Wrangler.  Many claim that Wranglers are an effective and efficient replacement for G-Wagons, often citing the Wrangler’s similarly boxy aesthetic and substantially lowered cost. While the Jeep is a fraction of the price, and has better mileage in both the city and the highway, the G-Wagon operates at 130 horsepower higher than the base engine of the 2020 Wrangler. This higher horsepower trumps the downfalls  for those consistently driving in or across rough terrain, or just at consistently higher speeds. 

Lastly, the astounding cost associated with the plethora of luxurious add-ons to the vehicle deters a lot of consumers from even considering a G-Wagon. If Mercedes wishes to grow their market, they should manufacture more simplistic base models of G-Wagons without as many luxurious features. As a result, their car would be priced more reasonably and the customer would be able to select which luxury features they’d like to customize their car with. By simplifying the G-Wagon models on the market and simply selling the base model without customizations, future models of the G-Wagon could be far more accessible and reasonably priced—making the possible drawback of environmental impacts and mileage easier to swallow for the consumer.

Despite these issues, the G-Wagon remains among the elite in terms of modern vehicles. With all of the aforementioned features of the vehicle along with the inherent comforts of driving a luxury vehicle of its caliber, the G-Wagon delivers a truly unique experience for anyone on the road.

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