Entourage ending is satisfying

By Ryan Costello


On Sunday we saw Vince and the gang of the popular HBO series “Entourage” fly off into the sunset for the final time. The series finale tied up some loose ends but also created a few new paths for fans to think about, possibly opening the opportunity for a movie.

For those who have never seen “Entourage,” it is a series about the Hollywood life of A-list actor Vince and his entourage: Vince’s manager Eric, Vince’s half-brother Johnny Drama, and C-list actor Turtle, Vince’s driver and entrepreneur.

The guys all grew up together in Queens and are trying to find their way through Hollywood. The other main part of the show centers around Ari Gold, Vince’s agent and friend, and his rise to the top of his industry.  A main theme throughout the entire series is the friendship between the guys: no matter what happens between them, they always have each other’s backs.  The series takes place in Hollywood and is centered around the lifestyle of an A-list actor, so “Entourage” has featured many big stars in cameo roles as themselves.  Among the best appearances were Matt Damon throwing an uproarious temper tantrum and Turtle’s messing with Tom Brady.

The series finale had Vince getting married, Eric getting back together with his ex-fiancée, and Ari also getting back together with his wife who was about to divorce him. Overall, the series finale was a little rushed–everything happened too quickly and too conveniently. This episode lacked any real closure, but that is consistent with what the series has been. It has been mostly about  guys being guys in Hollywood, who that won’t change no matter where they go. The end implies that they are just going to keep on going, doing what they’ve been doing.

The series as a whole has been an inside look at how celebrities live on a day-to-day basis, and the types of problems they deal with. That is what has kept me tuning in to see the show, even in the last few seasons.  I wanted to see how the friendships between the characters change, even as some of the Hollywood elements have died out. After all, the guys seem just like normal guys thrust into the glamour of Hollywood.

While I did not find this episode to be indicative of the entire series, I’m glad the series ended this way. Entourage has been on the decline the past few seasons. I’m still sad to see Vince and the gang fly off into the sunset, but it was about time.


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