JR’s Pretzels: a true mom and pop shop

Connor Bennett, Contributing Writer

Downtown Lewisburg is home to some of the most unique restaurants with delicious food—JR’s Soft Pretzel shop is no exception. Since the opening of the shop in 2019, it has been a favorite snack spot for students. With their extensive menu of pretzels, baked goods and salads there’s something for everyone to try. 

The self proclaimed, “Small family business living the dream!” exemplifies the American spirit of starting your own business. Customers of the shop rave about the staff’s kindness and generosity. This hidden gem in downtown Lewisburg is representative of the communities and culture of the surrounding area. 

Students said they appreciate the welcoming environment provided by the store and also enjoy the food options they have to offer.

“JR’s pretzels is the absolute embodiment of a mom and pop store, smack down in the middle of downtown Lewisburg,” Matthew Misiukiewicz ’23 said. “It allows students and residents to enjoy divine homemade pretzels made with the heart and soul of our area’s surrounding culture.” 

In and around Lewisburg, the Amish community is prevalent and has a large impact on both the food and culture. JR’s Pretzel Shop is Amish-run and produces pretzels based off of traditional Amish recipes. 

Pretzel-making has been an Amish tradition for centuries and JR’s allows for the University students to experience a culture they may not be used to. The University’s location may not be ideal for students who want to travel and get off campus on the weekends; however, having a large Amish community located so close to campus allows for students to witness and in some ways experience an entirely different lifestyle. 

Downtown Lewisburg is about a five minute walk from campus and students, offering a number of diverse food options. 

The shop is very versatile for a pretzel shop. Aside from pretzels, JR’s makes both baked goods and salads. Both of those can be custom ordered through the website. Pretzel bite platters are a popular customer favorite and are perfect for a club meeting or get together. Students should take advantage of these orders due to the quality of the food and the very affordable prices. 

Seasonal specials are also very popular at the shop. For holidays such as Christmas and Easter, exclusive flavors of pretzels and baked goods are available. The menu is constantly changing and makes sure that customers have the opportunity for a new experience every time they go. If a food item you want is not on the weekly menu, a simple call to the restaurant is all that is needed for them to custom make it for you. The customer service at JR’s embodies the Amish community’s empathy and care for the people of  Lewisburg.  

Talking to students, breakfast is clearly the favorite meal from the shop. Many students love the chance to purchase high quality food off campus at such low prices. 

When talking to avid JR’s customer, Tripp Needham ’23, he had this to say about his favorite food from the shop: “all of the breakfast pretzels are great but my favorite is egg and cheese. Also great customer service!” 

Once again, customer service is something that JR’s puts first and truly cares about, and it does not go unnoticed by their loyal customers. Many students find the breakfast pretzels are definitely a great way to start your day and a good break from the cafeteria food.

Ben Sandusky ’23 is another fan of the breakfast from JR’s.

“JR’s is a great spot for a quick breakfast. Prices like JR’s are sometimes hard to find at other places on Market Street,” he said. 

It is clear from the astounding amount of positive reviews that anyone who has not yet tried their breakfast must during their time at the University. The location of the shop could be holding back potential customers as it is located in the middle of Market Street but is slightly tucked away and could easily be passed. For the next time you are downtown, the address of the shop is 230 Market Street.

COVID-19 was very tough for the restaurant industry, but JR’s stuck through it and is still open. The dedication of the owners and amazing customer service is why JR’s is so beloved by many students. 

For those interested in supporting the local business, the hours of the store are Mondays and Tuesdays 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., Wednesday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturdays 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Here is their website:

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