Stumbling into Trevina

Ana Eckert, Contributing Writer

Fellow Foodies rejoice! Lewisburg has added another jewel onto her crown of hidden gems, and I promise you’ve never seen anything like it before.

Trevina, which opened last Sunday, presents itself as “wine, beer, and cheese.” My parents and I quite literally stumbled into the grand opening for dinner. It is the prettiest little place: black and white tiles, exposed brick and shades of teal and blue. The host led us to a table, but instead of setting a menu down, he provided a single QR code and explained that they don’t have a wait staff. You scan the QR code and put in a card, after which the system will take you to the menu where you’ll order as if you were online shopping. Drinks, appetizers, shareable plates, and entrées then come right to your table!

The restaurant is cashless, tipless and self-serve for your wine and beer. It’s a bit like an arcade for adults. They link a card to your tab, and as you pour your drink from the taps, it will automatically calculate how much you’re drinking by the ounce. And they have a traditional bar and a selection of non-alcoholic drinks on the menu.

As far as the food it was, overall, excellent. Our appetizers were the fried calamari and the bacon/goat cheese dip. Now, I consider myself a bit of an expert on fried calamari and can confidently say this was one of the most unique versions of it that I’ve ever had. The breading was a bit thin and crumbly for my liking, but the flavor and the crunch were very nice. The dip was sweet, creamy, and savory and paired nicely with the crusty bread. 

The real star of my experience was the Milano chicken panini with prosciutto and pesto. The bread was a simple white, but it was sliced thin, so the inside of the sandwich really had a chance to shine. The prosciutto added a nice bit of salt and depth to the well-cooked chicken and creamy pesto. It was one of the best paninis I’ve ever had, and the shoestring fries were a great pairing. The menu also includes flatbreads and sharing boards of cheese and smoked meats. 

The atmosphere is fun and bright, the food is great, the staff is cheerful and attentive and the décor is amazing. Trevina is an instant Lewisburg classic and one I imagine would be a great place to visit come Family Weekend.

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