Breaking the Bubble (09/14/2022)

Bridgette Simpson, News Content Editor


A package exploded after being opened on Northeastern University’s campus on Tuesday night. In a Unabomber-esque vein, the package contained a note that talked against virtual reality and even referenced Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder. One unidentified 45-year-old staff member was injured when they opened the package, causing it to detonate – the package was sent directly to Northeastern University. The Boston PD Bomb Squad, Northeastern University Provost and Chancellor determined campus to be safe. The Boston PD currently has no suspects.

The defense suddenly rested their case in the trial of Nikolas Cruz, Parkland school shooter, after calling 80 witnesses to the stand and only examining 25. Cruz pleaded and was found guilty of murdering 17 people, including 14 students and three staff members. The current ongoing trial is only to determine if he will be sentenced to death or life without parole. The defense attorney’s argument has been that Cruz’s mother’s abuse of alcohol throughout her pregnancy made Cruz erratic throughout his whole life, and that his adoptive mother was unfit to take care of him. The trial will resume on September 27. 


Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday, Sept. 8, at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, surrounded by her family. However, her death has rekindled criticism and the denunciation of the royal family from all over the world. Diplomats and scholars around the world have commented on the influence the British monarchy has left on certain countries, particularly those that were exploited throughout history by the royal monarchy, such as Kenya. They call to light the genocide, exploitation, and rapes that the British monarchy, they claim, has been responsible for over time, and highlight the inequality the monarchy perpetuated. 

In Pakistan, floods have ravaged the country, putting one third of the land underwater. Due to the floods, pregnant women are unable to get the proper medical care they need, and a United Nations estimate says approximately 650,000 women need aid relating to pregnancy. Some women have driven upwards of 12 hours in search of emergency services, while some have traveled by foot for hours. Floods are disconnecting different areas of the country, making access to medicine and hospitals much more difficult. 

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