Students file noise complaint after Library filled people typing last-minute essays

Aaron Chin, Contributing Writer

Let’s face it, with the amount of work students have, college can be tough. With papers, exams and a never-ending flow of computer science work, it just seems like students are working at all hours of the day. There are many resources available on campus for students who find themselves in this situation. One of these resources is the library’s very useful twenty-four hour study room.

Many people find the twenty-four hour study room to be very convenient. I, myself, have used the space and found it highly beneficial, yet somewhat strange in parts. Here is my experience:

I arrived at the library at around 8 p.m. a few nights ago. While most people were out partying on Saturday night, I was trapped in the library  trying to wade my way through my three hundred and fifty pages of reading for class. One hour in, and my eyes started to glaze over. I then looked up from my computer screen and realized that the once empty study room was filled with students, clicking away on my keyboard.

Click click click click click.

At first, the noise was harmless; it was the sound of fingers against computer keys. However, the sound can start to wear on the soul, especially when coupled with the other sounds that the students were making. Out of nowhere, one student shouted, “I’m a genius!” Five seconds later, they said, “Oh wait, no I’m not.”

There were also several students who pounded their fists against their desks. “I could have sworn the antiderivative was x^2+3x-8!” one student exclaimed.

Another student apparently thought it was okay to have a full on conversation on the phone with their (possibly) ex-boyfriend. “No Brad, pink nail polish is absolutely not a deal breaker. Why are you allowed to have it, but I’m not? This is ridiculous. Ugh.”

One student who shall remain nameless was so fed up that they got up out of their chair and stormed out the door. “That’s enough,” he said, and slammed the door behind him. First thing on Monday morning, there was an email sent by Library Services telling students to be quiet in the study room. Some heroes don’t wear capes.

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