Women’s Soccer loses Patriot League opener 4-0

Charlotte Dursee, Contributing Writer

Navy hosted the Bison women’s soccer team on Sept. 16 — both teams have been predicted to do fairly well in the Patriot League this year. 

The Bison offense put pressure on Navy’s defenders early on in the match. One of the first big plays came from Tersa Deda ’25 who set Rylee Donaldson’23 up for a shot on the right side of the goal that just missed the goal and bounced off the left post. However, moments after this attempt, Navy was able to score their first goal and take the lead. 

Navy’s second goal came in the twenty-eighth minute. Keeper Jenna Hall’24 was able to make a diving save to prevent Navy’s attempt but Navy’s Jenna Daunt found the loose ball and tapped the ball in. Hall was able to keep the game 2–0 for the rest of the first half.

Donaldson came out strong in the second half, nearly scoring a minute in. Donaldson’s left footed shot was stopped by Navy’s goalie with a diving save. Again, later on, Donaldson setup Paige Temple’25 with a cross from the end line that ended up wide of the goal.

Navy was able to push the lead to 4–0 on two different counter attacks.

Despite being unable to gain a lead, the Bison spent a lot of time in the box, forcing many shots on Navy’s keeper. They finished with 14 shots on goal, and 10 in the second half.

Despite the tough loss, the bison are keeping their heads high as they look to improve their record Wednesday as they face American at home.

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