Bucknell Student Government election results released

Bridgette Simpson, News Content Editor

Student election results for the 2022-23 academic year for all 64 government positions were announced Sept 10. 

Among these results were several positions, such as the president, vice-president, treasurer and senators for each class year, in addition to the Academic, Advocacy, Community, Diversity, Sustainability and ORB Committees. 

The Bucknell Student Government is meant to provide a voice to the 3,854 students here at the University pertaining to themes of fostering community and inclusion, as well as act as a middle ground between students and faculty. 

Throughout the academic year, the student government meets every Thursday from 5-6 p.m. in Academic West 114. Each month, the first Senate meeting will be open to students for the opportunity to provide feedback or input on what students would like to change or add. The next public meeting will be held on Oct 6. 

Some elected students offered quotes about their anticipations for this upcoming year. 

“This is my fourth year being elected to Bucknell Student Government, and I am very excited for another term,” April Hurlock, a senior class Senator, said. “The senior class Senate has a lot of fun plans in store for the year; we are working hard to make sure that the senior class can get the most out of our last year here. In addition to being elected as a senator, I was reinstated as the Community Committee Chair, so I am very excited to continue to collaborate and foster meaningful connections with Downtown Lewisburg.” 

Gabby Diaz ’25, newly elected class president, said she’s excited to start new diversity & inclusion and community engagement initiatives.

“As the president of the Class of ’26, I am most excited to plan fun events that will unite the first-years with each other and the rest of the Bucknell community,” Hayley Leopold ’26 said. 

Class President Walid Abdallah ’24 said, in an email, he is “extremely grateful the junior class gave me the opportunity of being class president! I’m looking forward to setting up more class-wide events that will nurture an inclusive and welcoming environment. I’m ready to have a great year with you all!” 

More details can be found on the BSG website and Instagram page @bucknellstudentgov.

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