A close second: Bison vs. Hoyas

Morgan Sohosky, Contributing Writer

The Bison women’s rowing team competed in their season debut against Georgetown on Sept. 24.

The Bison hosted the Hoyas on the Susquehanna River on a crisp 50 degree morning. Each team had three eights on the water, with each rowing 6,000 meters. Typically, the Bison start with the first, second, and third eights, however each team entered even boatings this weekend.

The first team for the Bison was composed of Ava Rysman ’23, Maddie Wickers ’23, Reilly Shapiro ’26, Kona Glenn ’25, Alina Kelly ’25, Logan Moore ’26, Hayden Groves ’25, Haley Beardsley ’24 and Victoria Miller-Tuchon ’26.

In the second boat was Zoe Frank ’25, Cleo Ray ’26, Bella Guzman ’26, Gaby Wakim ’23, Caroline Brand ’23, Amanda Pennett ’24, Abby Malek ’24, Cecilia Dial ’26 and Libby Kaseta ’26.

The third was Molly Garrahy ’24, Abby Gerst ’24, Annabelle Kaeli ’24, Caroline Corbett ’26, Millie Malloy ’23, Nora Finlay ’26, Katie Hess ’26, Dehlia Rotchford ’24 and Kira Capaldi ’25.

The meet was scored based on cumulative times from Saturday. The Hoyas edged the Bison with a cumulative time of 64:38 while the Bison finished at 67:05. The Bison women’s rowing team will host Lehigh this upcoming weekend, Oct. 1 where they will compete again on the Susquehanna River.

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