Poll: Which Floor of the Library is Best?


Maddie Hamilton, Photography Editor / The Bucknellian

Amanda Maltin and Harley Marks, Opinions Section Co-Editors

Looking over the scenic Malesardi Quadrangle and is a building almost equally as astonishing – The Bertrand Library. Bucknell students can be seen across all five floors of the library from the early hours of the morning until late at night cramming to prepare for exams, writing papers and socializing with their friends.  However, there is little agreement regarding which floor of the library is the “best.” We interviewed students to try to gain clarity on the subject.  

Some of the student responses surprised us, as they had nothing to do with schoolwork at all. Connor Bennett ’24 said, “well, first of all, when I want to be productive, I go to Academic West. When I want to talk to my friends and people watch, I go to the bottom floor of the library.  There is always lively discussion there and I never get bored to the point where I actually start doing my homework.” Mia Sidlowski ’24 said that she likes “The top floor because it’s the silent floor, so no one can tell me to stop talking on the phone with my friends.”

Though not a clear winner, the Second Floor seems to have a lot of popularity. “I love the second floor because it’s quiet, has great sunlight, and you are encouraged to focus since everyone else is working,” Bernie Maramis ‘24 said. We personally agree, and have found the second floor to be the most relaxing yet motivating Bertrand space. Lauren Gershey ‘23 agreed. “The second floor is the best because it’s quiet and I can really focus in the pods,” Gershey said. The new pods and isolated desks are a clear hit. “I like the second floor because the new seating is really nice and it’s really quiet,” Tori Hall ’24 said. 

Following the second floor, the Main Floor and Lower Level One are most frequently chosen. Natalie Paganelli ’23, maintains that “My favorite floor is the main floor, specifically the back left corner. I always see all my friends there and it makes my day better! Also, it’s always nice to be close to the food.” In agreement with Natalie is Christina Steinberg ’23. “The main floor is the only place I can get my work done. I like having the quiet chatter of my fellow Bucknellians in the background while I do my work,” Steinberg said. Lilly Patterson ’23, is our only interviewee in support of lower level one: “I like lower level one because of the anonymity; I can hide while I do my work.”

After interviewing fellow Bucknellians, the lack of consensus about which floor of the library is the best has only become more apparent.  It is also clear that students use different criteria to assess which floor of the library is their favorite, creating an additional polling obstacle. Students make their choice based on a multitude of variables like: where they can people-watch the most, where they can quickly access food, where they can focus, where they can socialize with their friends and so on.  

While a clear answer to the question of which library floor is the best remains unanswered, it is clear that The Bertrand Library itself seems to hold social and academic importance to students across the board, parlaying it to the top of the list of the most important locations on campus.

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